Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beach Combing for Glass

Remember that glass jar I got at Good Will for 50¢? Well Anthony and I have been going to the beach every day since it's been pretty nice out lately. While he skim boards I walk up and down the beach looking for funky shells and glass. And since the tide has been so low I've been finding A LOT. This is only three days of looking and the jar is already almost full. I am planning on making some cool things with the glass, but for now they will sit in this jar and reflect light through my window.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart Rock

My aunt Sheri and her boyfriend have this special thing that they do whenever they go on a trip together. Their goal is to always find one rock shaped like a heart. Ever since she told me about it I have become fascinated with finding them too - but not for any special reason - just because it's exciting when you get a chance to exclaim "Ooh! A heart!"

Yesterday I found this heart rock while combing the beach for glass. Isn't it just the perfect shape?
I know! I was so excited I ran all the way across the beach to show Anthony.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art by Anthony Camello

I finally updated the website
I think I added six new works -
not sure and I'm too tired to
click backwards.
How sad is that?
Check it out
and buy something
you know you want to
you know you want to
you know you... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Theme Thursday - TOY

It is THEME THURSDAY once again and I am very excited about this post.

I know this week's post is supposed to be about TOYS. However, this past weekend I had the pleasure of viewing these videos on Youtube at the will of my second family (the dear Camellos) and now I can't get them out of my head.

These are clips from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" the 1960's version. They feature "The Child Catcher" who is trying to lure children out of the Toy Maker's home at the will of the Baroness who hates children.

I haven't seen the movie since I was very little so I don't remember much, but I do know a few things.

1. This guy is creepy
2. His hair is abnormally greasy and if I was baroness I would definitely make him shower more
and 3. His nose is quite a bit like the putty noses they use for the Mad Hatter in Disneyland and I think that is both funny and creepy at the same time

Sorry the second video has weird music to it, there isn't much of a selection on Youtube for clips of this guy running around with lollipops sticking out of his fingers.

Fun facts about our Child Catcher:

- He wasn't in the original story - Roald Dahl invented him for the movie
- In this film he is played by a ballet dancer (big career move dude!)
- He is considered one of the scariest villains of all time and in 2005 was voted #1 scariest in childrens' stories.

Happy Toy day everyone - sorry mine isn't very Toyish.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Disco

We received this in the mailbox today. We think someone must have taken the video when he and Rosie went out on their Valentine's date earlier this month. Aren't they so cute together?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Our bathroom door is one of those sliding doors that has no lock. It always makes me nervous to go to the bathroom when we have company because you never know if your friends are the type of people who knock before they come into the bathroom.
Before we moved Anthony had found this metal sign with nothing on it and I had told him he should make it into an occupied / available sign for the bathroom. Today he finally did it! Isn't it funny?
and the reverse...
That "don't" should really tell you something. Either someone is very busy or they're just a jumpy person. I tend to be both. hehe.


What's Been Happening in the Santy Crooz?

Well... a whole bunch of nothing. Not bad nothing... just nothing exciting, if you get my drift.

We've been at school most of the time since it started early this month. I am having a ton of fun in class learning about classical art. I used to think that anything before modern and post modern art was boring but now I'm seeing everything in a new light. Isn't it amazing what school can do for you? I'm so lucky to live in a place where I can go to school and learn about anything I want.

We were in Fremont this past weekend visiting babies and such. It was a lot of fun but it is always nice to come back home and see the babies laying in the sun. I know they miss us when we're gone and I always feel so bad when we leave for a good three days.

Today I got back home and Anthony had done a little decorating (as usual). Our house is becoming a regular art gallery. Seems like I'm running out of wall space but he always finds a spot to hang something - To be continued on that subject.

On another note - I think I might discontinue "work play create". I don't ever have anything to put on there so.. we'll see.

I've also been updating Anthony's art site - more to come on that as well.

See my 365 for photos of the past few days


Monday, February 23, 2009

Contest Time!

Play to Learn Home is having a contest:

Here's a hint

Find it HERE


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nap Time!

NAP (nap)
  1. to doze or sleep lightly for a short time
  2. a brief, light sleep; doze

Yeah... I think they got it down pretty well.
It was a nice afternoon today so Anthony and I went down to the beach and collected monstrous shells and glass since the tide has been so low lately. Anthony skim boarded too so when we got back he sort of passed out.
Lucky boy... I'm stuck working on homework.
Not that I mind, I'm sort of a nerd.


Theme Thursday - LIBRARY

To be honest I got a little caught up in school this week so I'm behind in the world of blogging and that includes Theme Thursday which can be found HERE

This week's theme is LIBRARY and I haven't been to ours in awhile so I am choosing to utilize my own for this one.

Here are some excellent books to check out:

- Darkly Dreaming Dexter - by Jeff Lindsay

- The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern - by Carol Strickland-

- Fight Club - by Chuck Palahniuk

more to come... but not today. Click on the books to check them out on Amazon.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost Forgot..

Here is the extra Valentine's Day post I promised. These photos were taken while Anthony made me breakfast on Saturday. It was pretty darn hilarious at the time.


School so far...

Take a gander at all the classes I've managed to take! Tomorrow I am meeting with a counselor here at Cabrillo to make sure I'm on track to get my AA in Art Studio - Photography option in December. If all goes well it looks like I'll be able to transfer in the Spring to a University of my choice (if they accept me that is) in either Photography or Art History (the two majors I am most interested in at the moment).

Somehow I have managed to redeem myself after dropping out of SJSU a year and a half ago. I completed 34 units at Ohlone in two semesters (plus a couple at American), am enrolled in 12.5 right now and only need 18 more which I can do in a combiation of summer/fall of this year or all in the Fall if I choose.

To top it off four of those six classes that I need are art classes and one is an English which I am also madly in love with.

Go me! Right?

I'm not attempting to brag the living heck out of myself, although it may seem so. In fact I am more excited about being excited about school and wanting to transfer and get a degree in something I'm actually passionate about. Plus, they say it's hard to get through college in four years and I skipped a semester and am still on track so... go me! Right? hehehe... Let's just hope my counselor concurrs.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Now I am not the sort of person who usually even considers doing anything for Valentines day. Actually, I mostly see February 14th as a celebration of my mom's birthday.

This year I realized that Valentine's day isn't a "romantic" holiday for us, but rather a "giving" one. For example, I got up and fed the cats this morning and got my own water so that Anthony could sleep. Then, when I was ready to wake up, I was instructed to stay in bed until further notice. I woke up to Chocolate milk, eggs, chocolate pancakes and a heart shaped regular one. YUMMY!

I usually make breakfast, so Anthony did that for me. Anthony said that he wanted to "Eat the remainder of my heart [pancake] so he could be 'one' with me" hahahahaha!

We are also going to be making each other something special today. I know what I'm making, tehe.

The cats were even gracious enough to stay in bed until 8:00. Now that's a gift! Look at how Axel is tucked in - he did that all by himself.

Maybe I should call it the holiday of "switched roles" - who knows? More V-day fun to follow.


Friday, February 13, 2009

More Reasons

why I love Mr. Camello:

Twelfth, he loves his family, really (thank you Renee)
Thirteenth, he cuts his own hair
Fourteenth, he tries to be friends with my friends because he knows it makes me happy
Fifteenth, he insists on making homemade gifts
Sixteenth, he's good at graphic design
Seventeenth, he helps me expand my music horizons
Eighteenth, he's a good music video director
Nineteenth, he likes being called daddy in reference to the cats
Twentieth, he feeds the cats and brings me water every morning
Twenty-first, he smiles non-stop during funny movies and doesn't realize it
Twenty-second, he leans forward and forgets to blink when he plays video games, excuse me, Tony Hawk video games
Twenty-third, he makes me paintings that I ask for
Twenty-fourth, he vacuums... a lot
Twenty-fifth, he wears slippers that look like moccasins
Twenty-sixth, he loves Disneyland
Twenty-seventh, he wears flannel type shirts so I can pretend he's a lumberjack and laugh
Twenty-eighth, he has a great family who I love
Twenty-ninth, he has big ears and a big head
Thirtieth, he says I love you two hundred times a day
Thirty-first, he holds everything that would go in a purse, because I don't have one, whenever we go to a store
Thirty-second, he knows all the good parking spots
Thirty-third, he takes initiative with job opportunities
Thirty-fourth, he can skateboard really well
Thirty-fifth, he tries everything I cook even if it is a bit out of the ordinary
Thirty-sixth, he always finds something good to watch on TV
Thirty-seventh, he lets me pick movies
Thirty-eighth, he watches comedians' routines five or six times in a row and forces others to watch with him and laugh
Thirty-ninth, he's not uptight, unlike me
Fourtieth, he is the master of Craigslist searches
Forty-first, he allows me to call him and the cats Shnookie
Forty-second, he tried blogging for my benefit

... to be continued...


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Theme Thursday - FISH

In all the craziness of today - yes it was a bit crazy around here - I almost forgot about Theme Thursday. This Week's theme is FISH and I know that Sea Otters aren't fish - but they do spend a lot of time under the sea with them and so I consider them cousins in "sea land".

These were taken on the pier near the Boardwalk here in Santa Cruz. I know they aren't very good quality. I was using my point-and-shoot and it was almost 530 PM so it was getting dark.

I think that sea otters are so funny and we got a kick out of watching them fight and jump on and off the beams underneath the pier. We even saw one peeing which was pretty disgusting but equally hilarious at the same time.

Anthony also told me that the white ones are female and the dark ones are male. Then we saw a baby otter - it was only like a foot long!

I shall visit them more often now that I know where they live.


What's Been Happening Over the Hill

Natural Bridges Beach
Capitola Beach

I guess I should update everyone on what's been going on around here. I've been working and going to school and Anthony has been going to school too. We both LOVE our classes. Anthony is taking business classes and I am taking four classes

English, Art of the Medieval Period, Art of Renaissance to Modern Era, and Intro to Psychology. All my teachers are so interesting and fun. The cool thing about my Art History classes is that they follow each other in the same forum so I don't have to move except to go outside and use the bathroom (which we all know I do about 200 times a day). Plus! I learn about the Middle Ages and then go right into the Renaissance. So cool!

Ok I am getting ahead of myself. This morning David (Anthony's best friend) called and said he got Anthony an interview at Planet Orange Termite Control where he works. So Anthony went down there and now we're sorta just waiting around trying not to give our hopes up. Plus, he had an interview type testing thing with the Census Bureau earlier this week also and they pay $20 something an hour so that could be good too.

Well.. that's all for now.

Katie and Glenn had their baby and so did Selena and Kevin so this Camello family is just booming with new babies! Too bad we live here... poo on Santa Cruz for not housing any Weems or Camellos besides us.

We'll be traveling home for a visit and a dentist appt (yay!) on the 20th. And this Saturday, yes Valentines Day, is my mom's birthday so my family may be coming down to have dinner on Sunday. Plus Andie is coming tomorrow. This week has been pretty good.
Wow that was long.. sorry :)


The Shed Had a Makeover



Last weekend we decided to make the shed usable. Anthony had been painting in the pigsty you see above. Now it is nice and pretty (as far as this shed is concerned) and all my stuff is accessible right near the door so I don't have to spend time digging through things to find a notecard, or the tape, or a stamp. Yay!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Why do I love Anthony, you may ask? For many reasons:

First, he is silly, goofy, wacky and all things related
Second, he goes out of his way to figure out what is wrong when I'm down
Third, he is very talented but doesn't seem to fully know it
Fourth, he calls the cats "his babies"
Fifth, he has high hopes for the future
Sixth, he listens to everything I say and takes it all into consideration
Seventh, he likes sports which I did not know before
Eighth, he should be a baseball player because he's "that good"
Ninth, he tries to tame the cats as if they are dogs
Tenth, he encourages me to do whatever makes me happy
Eleventh, he likes to go to antique stores and fairs be continued...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The View From our New School is....

AMAZING! From the Library you can see the coastline and Monterey. How Awesome is that?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Newly Discovered Photos

I just discovered these photos
and I think they are
Did you ever think we could look
so classic?


Old School Wedding Frames - Yeah Baby!

Okay so this is what the three collage frames looked like above our bed. I hated it and Anthony hated it so we decided to do the Old School thing - like I said before in an earlier post. Here is the finished result:

Aren't they so cute and funny? I love them. Thank you Kinkos! Cost: $4.00
Oh by the way - they are 16 x 16.


E-mail Request

Katie! It won't let me
comment on your blog

with my mac - can you get me
your e-mail
or change your
comment settings!!!

I want to comment!!!


Changes around the house..

Now we we just need to fill these with photos. This is where the square collage frame used to be. You can find that HERE.
We put these funky lights Joe had lying around up around the vanity. They aren't going to stay - we're just having fun using them as a night light haha.

Next post... our best creation yet!