Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's in the Pantry?

I was recently cleaning out our pantry and fridge and I realized something...
Anthony is a pig. I don't mean that he is a pig in the sense that he is dirty and disgusting because lately I am by far more of a slob than him. However... his food intake can be.. interesting.
Here are Anthony's choice cereals:

And mine:
His favorite late night snack:
The perfect addition to a healthy lunch:
A great fallback when dinner is certainly not getting made:
Then I took a look at the foods that I have chosen for our pantry:


and the dreaded Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter - if you didnt' know - is a staple in our pantry because every single morning Anthony makes me a peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich. Unwrapping it and eating it during lunch is by far the best part of my day (I know I am sad). But making it! That is a whole other story. I would venture to say that it is Anthony's least favorite part of his day. He dreads touching - smelling - or even seeing peanut butter. Why? Some kind of birth defect or something. It's weird.

In any case - I do have a clean pantry and a very clean fridge now. Good job Kelsey, good freakin' job!


My New Favorite Reading Spot: Discovered

Last weekend we went up to Groveland for a cabin trip. Samantha and Mike joined us!
We had so much fun doing basically nothing - always a good way to spend a weekend away from life.

Here's Anthony and some girl with massive cheeks - what the heck?
So we basically found (I say 'found' but my Aunt Sheri told us about this place before we left) this awesome swimming hole where you can also fish, and.. I have decided.. READ for long periods of time out on the water where these huge rocks are. The perfect spot for an afternoon reading session for sure.

As usual - a Yosemite trip was in order.
This one lasted about two hours.
How sad?! It was FREEZING and getting dark.
We were dumb to go so late...
I do concur.

Anthony's eye.. and Bridalveil Falls

We got some 'Apples to Apples' time in before Sam and Mike left
The perfect combo for the weekend! How weird?!

All my cards! Maybe I won, maybe I didn't. (I did)
Anthony and I decided to post a paper in the garage for visitors so that everyone can write what they did that trip.

Fun trip all around.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dad! Steve P. Is on the Phone for You!

When you get a call from Steve P. on your home phone
Watch out...
It's Steve Poizner and he is

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are Daughter's For?

I'm pretty sure that my purpose in life is to make posters for my mom. It is so darn fun to do. You break out the paper and the markers - most of which you have to test out on that one scrap of paper before you use them for real or else they may ruin your masterpiece - you know which one I'm talking about - and you get that mind to working. So.. for MOTHER'S DAY this year I sat down to make a massive poster for my mom.

I really had to think to myself, "who is mom?"

For me my mom is a lot of things.

She is most importantly my mom - the one person in this world who would never choose to hurt me in any way.

She is an amazing
excellent shopper.
good friend to those who need one.
and a strong woman. Probably one of the strongest I'll ever know.

Thanks for being there for me always Mom!


Kelsey is a Tag Tyrant - YES I AM!

Sometimes TwoMakesOne is about being witty.


Sarah's Communion Nightmare (Not as Scary as She Thought)

So miss Sarah Camello recently fulfilled part of her baptismal vows (the ones she either slept or cried through - I don't think there is any other way to get baptized) and had her first communion.

After several billion Saturday school sessions - of which I think she had a definite love-hate relationship - a few days before her communion Sarah had the full realization that a white dress would be involved, white shoes, frilly white socks, and dear Lord even a white veil - "Oh good, the veil is attached to a headband!" she thinks. Whew! A disaster avoided, I'm sure.

But seriously... there was a party with food - amazing breakfast food and juice that I may or may not have stolen from Kevin when he left to get me a cup. Hey! Never leave a thirsty girl with a cup of juice you at some point want for yourself! Her ravenous animal self will come out and gulp that darn juice down.

Congratulations Sarah! Now we know that you know how to look like a princess (as if we didn't already know that).

In the church

I wonder if these two are sisters?

Even Ralph got in on the photo action
Jacqueline and Sarah
I can't believe an 8 year old makes me look short
yeah - like you didn't expect a photo of us at some point here. Right...

Good job Sarah!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Basically... A $12 Bedframe

A new house means we have to finally own a bed frame. You know why? Because there is a giant white wall behind our bed that is just begging to be covered up with something. As we do not have a ton of spare money at the moment we aren't going out to get canvases for Anthony to spiff up - which really stinks - but OK no biggie. So off to Thrift Town we went. Not only did I find some awesome lamps (which were promptly shut down by Mr. Camello), a rocking chair (not a good investment according to aforementioned butt munch), and a sewing table ("But you never sew!") but we did find a very nice $12 bed frame. PERFECT!

Put it on hold.
Shoved it into the back of my car amidst many drum parts and quite a few Gatorade bottles and Hi Chew wrappers (I really need to vacuum my car)
And off to Dale for some spray paint

What color? Espresso Brown Baby!

I know. We're awesome!