Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four Years Ago...

Four years ago I had the same exact moment as the one I had below 
(two weeks ago)

I was accepted to San Jose State University and I got an admissions packet and a provisional acceptance certificate in the mail.

The first time around the certificate had my name printed on it
Now the state has no money so...

The first time I remember feeling relieved that I'd gotten in - not because I wanted to be there - but because I had some sort of plan for my life after high school.

Now.. four years later. It's an exciting prospect to be going back. I am ecstatic. 
Often I think to myself that I regret leaving after only a semester back in 2007 and wasting that time.
but I've gained so much since then that I can't say for sure I would have gained if I had stayed there.

I moved to a new town 
I got married
I had six completely different jobs  
all of which have taught me about myself

I'm not saying it's all been easy - especially with all the community college semesters I went through during that time - 
Being accepted makes me finally feel happy with all my decisions up to now
 and that feels pretty good.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Pen Pal for a Nerd like Me

You know that scene in Grease when all the girls are sitting around Frenchie's room for a sleepover and Marty is spraying her note paper with perfume to send to her pen pal? 

Well the first thing you should know is that when I was a kid Grease was probably the most played movie in our house and I would dance around singing all the words. I own the soundtrack. I own the movie. I wish Anthony danced like John Travolta and I wish my hair swished around like Olivia Newton John's in the ice cream parlor scene.

But I digress...

I always loved that sleepover scene because Marty seemed so cool and she had something like eight pen pals to write to that night.

"Wouldn't it be awesome to have someone to write letters to across the country or across the world?" I would think to myself. 

Well here I am years later still thinking about the idea of a pen pal.
I've been on websites dedicated to snail mail but I never committed to following through with anything. Recently I joined a website for bloggers in their twenties and stumbled upon Annie who had made it #25 on her 30 before 30 list to have a pen pal. I asked her if she needed help and she said YES!

Meet Annie:

Today she posted about how stressful it has felt to try and write a first letter to me. 
I thought I would alleviate some of her concern right here and now

I sat down last night to write to Annie for the first time. I found myself writing so rapidly that I could barely read my own writing. (I think it has something to do with the fact that I never write anything down anymore and I'm used to typing at a supersonic speed and so my thoughts move through my brain much too quickly for my hand to write them down legibly)

I wrote things like.. 'sorry this handwriting is so sloppy' - wow flashback to 7th grade notes to my friends - and 'what should I even say in a first letter? I don't want to tell you everything at once but I don't want to make this first letter too short either!'

So far it's pretty hard to have a pen pal - but it's not her fault. I obviously can't calm down ever and I turn everything into a big freaking deal. 

Sorry Annie. I promise to focus tomorrow and send you something good.

This snail mail stuff is tough.
But seriously, should I spray my paper with perfume?


Oh Spring Cleaning... You are too funny

I'm told that Spring officially started this week. Funny how I didn't even notice with all the rain we've been getting and all. I know April showers bring May flowers but seriously I AM READY FOR SUMMER!! 

I've ushered Spring in with some afternoon walks with Shadow
Jamba Juice
A new hairdo
a few additions to my wardrobe
a detailed cleaning of our house

The latter being the worst of it all

You see this whole cleaning thing always starts small for me. I plan to clean out the bathroom cabinet since it's garbage night and we obviously don't use half the crap in there since it's been close to a year with the same bottles of cream and body sprays etc... but what do I do? I end up cleaning out every single drawer and cabinet in our house which includes three "crap" drawers. Next I am vacuuming the bathroom and cleaning the toilet. Oh better windex the mirror too. 

Suddenly I think to myself...
"Wasn't I supposed to be writing to my pen pal tonight?"

Yes I have a pen pal
yes you should be jealous
I'll get to that in my next post

I look over and what is Anthony doing?

He is sitting in our second bedroom playing Tony Hawk on the Playstation. He is in a trance. His fingers are moving at the speed of light. His skills in that game are akin to my organizing skills - amazing and way to good for a healthy lifestyle. No one should like virtual skateboarding as much as he does and seriously.. no one should enjoy organizing as much as I do.

After looking at him sitting there immobile it occurs to me that I'm done cleaning WOOHOO! so I sit down to finish the last 200 pages of my book (#3 on my list in the right sidebar) and I end up reading until 2AM with the hubs using me as a pillow. 

I groggily woke up this morning to said hubs telling me no work today due to rain conditions and not to worry he is planning to clean all day.

I'm like.. "right... you are going to clean? on your day off? You are going to put shoes on? You're not going to sit around all day eating ice cream and frozen philly cheese steaks? Sweet!"

On my way to work he calls to tell me that what he dug out of the bathroom drain is the most disgusting thing he has ever seen. Yipee!!!
Around 1:30 I get a call that he has cleaned the kitchen floor and scrubbed the stove so it's actually white again. Not only that but he's cleaned the whole tub and shower and it's white now too! Guess what else?! He's dumped all the garbage cans and cleaned the spot on our bedroom rug. Oh yeah.. and he folded two loads of laundry.

WHO IS THIS PERSON?!?! Not the hubs I know..

Guess what? 

I got home and he was playing Tony Hawk. 
Good thing he didn't change too much
I kind of like this guy

But my house was so clean you could eat off the bathroom floor.
No I would never do that.
Sickest thing I've ever heard.

I love this dude.
You should pick one up for yourself. 
I think they sell them on Amazon.


FBOOK Challenge Day 55

A picture of the last movie you saw in theaters

 Went to see this movie with Miss Jacqueline. It was pretty good. Not the best movie in the world but a cool take on the Red Riding Hood story and the action was a lot of fun. A twist in the ending... just so you know!
 I saw this twice - I love love love Owen Wilson. This movie is hilarious. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday
We are having a lazy night


FBOOK Challenge Day 54

A picture of the one thing you would bring if you were stranded on a deserted island

 I would bring this guy

He would serve many purposes:

A raft to float on
a hunter
a gatherer
a model (I need something to look at don't I?)
a fort builder
a spirit lifter

what else could he do on this desert island?


Drinking and photos don't mix

Have you ever been out with your friends and you or someone in your group is attempting to take a ton of photos? It's frustrating... especially when you are the one taking all the photos. Nowadays we have these darn cameras that show us every photo two seconds after we shoot it. The delete button is in use a lot of the time because sometimes it makes you angry to see all the crappy photos of yourself.

the truth is
I am obsessed with photos
and photography
and cameras
always have been
always will be

and if I am out with the hubs and friends well... the obvious point of "you look like crap when you are drinking" just doesn't cross my mind. I am usually that annoying person taking photos.

But... I married the perfect man. He won't let me delete. It's this sick obsession he has with posting horrible photos of us on his blog. I am not allowed to touch the delete button until I get home and put them on my computer and only after they have also been downloaded onto his as well.

I hate it.
I think I secretly like it too.

For the sake of proving a point I am sacrificing my own pride and showing you the progression of the photos that were taken of me last night when we went out to Bully's for Schmid's big birthday bash.

Ok so
It wasn't big
and it wasn't a bash
but there were dice involved.

Here I am early on. The hair is perfect and yet I continue to fix it for photos
Uh oh.. the eyes are starting to go in this one
So I fix the eye problem but I have to wonder, did I forget how to smile?
You stop paying attention and the double chin comes out to play
....and....the greasy hair

This is a lesson for you all.
Be careful because drinking and photos just don't mix.



Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people  fall in love and find quicksand
I hover somewhere in between, I swear
I can't make up my mind

"Light Grenades"

Monday, March 21, 2011

FBOOK Challenge Day 53

A picture of someone you think is hot

 These girls
Then and now
Love my Britt


FBOOK Challenge Day 52

A picture of your favorite sport

 The only sport I ever considered playing past fifth grade.


FBOOK Challenge Day 51

A picture of your dream car

 But I've never learned to drive a stick.

So sue me.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

FBOOK Challenge Day 50

A picture of your most frequented place

This  blogging / computer / internet lifestyle is addicting

My most frequented place is my computer. 
For four years - since I purchased this mac in 2007 - I've been glued to it's magic. 
My favorite person in this whole world (the hubs) usually gets really depressed when he sees me pull it out of its case because I tend to lose hearing in both of my ears when I'm busy using it. It's some type of chemical imbalance I think. I have to hurry and get my computer time in before he gets home or after he goes to sleep or else I will have "ruined the night" or something to that effect and I'll have to hear about how sick it is that I use a computer all day at work and then come home and sit on a laptop. 
Sometimes I say I am checking on my grades or my e-mail but I am reading blogs or facebook or wasting away on some other useless-waste-of-time-website. 

But seriously.
It's my mac.
It's like a fifth limb. 
I think I'd die without it.
Is that sad?

me and my mac in 2007
on Thursday
Five seconds ago

What can I say?
It's a love affair that I'm in


Friday, March 18, 2011

FBOOK Challenge Day 49

A picture of where you live

 Can someone please make me a shirt with our seal on it?
I'll go to city hall meetings with it on
and wear it hiking
I'll do whatever it takes
because my laziness is keeping me from using my printer and buying a $5 t-shirt at Michaels.


FBOOK Challenge Day 48

A picture of your favorite actress/actor

This question makes me laugh
because I feel like I'm being asked questions for my slam book at this point in the facebook challenge
it's like the person who made this challenge ran out of ideas and went back to junior high to ask 8th graders what they thought

but for the sake of continuity...

As usual there is more where that came from.


FBOOK Challenge Day 47

A picture of your favorite place to shop

 I'm a shopper in my mind
But I hate spending money


FBOOK Challenge Day 46

A picture of where you wish you were right now

anywhere but here

 I mean I like this guy up here
we're bored
call us
if anyone I knew in real life read this blog
they would call me right now
and offer me a large white mocha from Starbucks heaven
I'd like to be up all night
reading "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston

I've trailed much too far off...


If you're bored enough like us
feel free to check out blogging "hubs style" in the right sidebar
he thinks he will outblog me
with his photo blog (phlog as he calls it)
but he won't 
I rule

FBOOK Challenge Day 45

A picture of your room

This is all our bedroom is good for:
Lounging with a good book
It's my favorite place to be right now.


Monday, March 14, 2011

FBOOK Challenge Day 44

A picture of someone you’re told you look like

The only people I've ever been told I look
like are the dorks in these photos.
It's such a joy


Sunday, March 13, 2011

FBOOK Challenge Day 43

A picture of something you can’t function without

My camera

without it I wouldn't have Eddie and the Tumbleweed
Fun in the kitchen
Shadsy and Me
My twin
 Camping with the bubs