Tuesday, October 28, 2014

halloween-a-thons + classic trains

On Friday, Anton, Brylex and I headed up to Groveland for a last hurrah lake trip before the fall season could really set in. About a week before we left we realized that it was actually going to rain! 

Despite the fact that ONCE AGAIN Bryan and Alex were not be able to sit and relax lakeside, we still had a great time enjoying a lazy weekend at the cabin.

We watched an ABC Family Halloween movie marathon all day on Saturday, before heading out to the Iron Door for dinner, where we caught the end of the World Series game. 

The next day we drove out to Jamestown for some lunch and antique shopping before heading home. We also checked out Railtown State Historic Park. We got there on the last fully functioning day of the season. I have to say, those blue haired workers looked pretty cool in their conductor hats and overalls! The best part was seeing the #3 train, which was featured in Back to the Future III!

Despite the trip being sunless, beachless, and drinkless (for me), the trip was a huge success in the relaxation department... and thank the Lord for RAIN!!!

**sidenote** we constantly have our pups do weird things together. They're married and they love eachother, so they must love posing for photos, right? 

I spy two deer!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

campfires + ocean waves

This past weekend Anton, Angie and I drove down to Pismo Beach for a little camping trip to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. After an immediate lunch of clam chowder, fries, and Anthony's mega-healthy fried chicken strip sandwich, we set up camp and walked down to the sand dunes. It was such a warm and sunny day, you'd think it was mid July, not mid October. 

The dunes in Pismo are comprised of the softest sand I've ever set foot on! We walked Angie along the wave break, and watched the sunset before heading back to camp for a steak and potato dinner. 

It was a great anniversary trip, and now I can't wait to visit Pismo Beach again!


Friday, October 17, 2014

baby kisses + birthday candles

Last night we celebrated Desiree's birthday with tacos, cheesecake, Harry Potter trivia, and of course, the WWE girls on the E! Channel. It was a great time as usual with the little twinnie angels.

Happy 29th birthday to my one and only Weems SIL! We love you Des!