Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Disney Vacation 2009

The night before we embarked on our drive to Southern California we made a nice big dinner and Christina and I decided to chill our water with otter pops since we were out of ice.

It totally worked!
Ant and Cody worked on the grill with the meat
and then we had s'mores in the front yard

The next morning we left for Hearst Castle! I was VERY excited!

We stopped in San Luis Obispo to eat at Frank's. Shawna raves about this place and she is right! It is REALLY GOOD. The sign made us crack up.

"Hot dogs, burgers, chicken, breakfast, and OTHER STUFF"

Cody and Anthony had to be inappropriate
The next two days were spent in Disneyland and California Adventure!
Peter Pan: Ride #1. Before all the kiddos got there.
and the teacups. No I did not ride with them. Puking was not on my agenda for the day.
I love the little door to the rabbit's house. Well really I love ANYTHING that makes me look tall.
Space Mountain baby!
Waiting to go on Monster's Inc.

Those are thumbs not middle fingers
Best ride-photo-face of the day! Totally accidental.
Big C
Then we met Mater and Lightin McQueen

And the guy forced us to pose like DORKS.
We also saw the Aladdin show. It was so funny!
And Anthony met Kermit the Frog

California Screamin'
Take 2. We tried to do Hidden Mickeys but it was too dark to see the words
On our last Tower of Terror ride (we did the top 3 - Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and Tower of Terror) someone was messing around so they stopped the right in the middle and we were all stuck in the dark suspended in the air freaking out! It was horrible. But then we rode the ride and it was AWESOME as always!

Then we rode Space Mountain and Anthony and I decided to kiss. It was so funny. My head kept getting whipped back on the turns. And then we got THE SHOT. It was the best.

Day four was Universal Studios.

Me and the Hulk
Chuckie was after us. But we tamed him.
See - I look like a giant here too!
Yeah we went to London.
and picked some noses
and finally took a picture in front of the Hollywood hills.

It was a great trip. And there are a ton of stories but I'm too lazy to tell them all.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 1st Real Visit to Hearst Castle

Anthony and I tried to get into this place once before - but realized all too late that you need a reservation and also that they pretty much close up shop around 5PM.

So these three people and I decided to start off our TRIP with a little Hearst Castle tour action. We took the beginners tour so we were taken through the front grounds, Casa Grande and the medium sized guest house which BY THE WAY had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two towers!

We decided we could easily live comfortably in the guy's gosh darn Gondola. But Hearst had money and he liked spending it.

I could go on and on about William Randolph Hearst because I really like his story and his history. But.... bloggers don't like to read as much as they all say so.. on with the photos.

Admiring the view
Pool #1. Third reconstruction with an actual piece of ancient Rome there.
The steps up to the main drive and courtyard
View from above

The view Hearst was looking for. I think he would consider this his backyard.

Casa Grande. Modeled after the Spanish Missions in CA as well as the Spanish Cathedrals in Spain.

I didn't take any pictures of the indoors - although there was quite a bit to be seen. The photos I decided weren't really worth paying so little attention to the tour guide.

If you're ever going to be in the San Simeon area (between Big Sur and San Luis Obispo on the Pacific Coast Highway) reserve a spot on one of the tours. They are totally worth it - even if you're not obsessed with ancient artifacts and art like me.