Sunday, July 31, 2011

How I met Santa Rosa

My friend Tina moved out to Santa Rosa recently so I took a little trip to visit her this weekend
I set off on my way Saturday afternoon
and arrived at her cute little yellow house where all stray cats are friendly as heck
I discovered, after many years of knowing Christina, that she is mega talented when it comes to making a house look like a home
mason jars
Fiesta dishes
her teapot (a gift from us)
and her cake plate (also a gift from us)
chocolate on display. Yes please!
Ant's art framed in her room (basically my favorite piece he's ever done)
World Market curtains (yes I want some)
sweet backyard. ... I am a little jealous of her awesome house. 
We enjoyed a couple Arnie Palmie's
and met up with her friend Leah - who I failed to photograph - for dinner at 3rd Street Aleworks
and later enjoyed some bubbly via Toad Hollow - whom I have loved ever since visiting Healdsburg in January

Here's Jeffrey. I named him that. After Jeffrey the Giraffe. Ask my husband. 
I finally watched The Social Network - loved it - and attempted to solve answers in my dreams via prayer. It was tough and after an hour of it I gave up in search of a good night's rest. Like that is ever possible when you're starting at 2 am. 
Anyway.. due to the lack of sleep we grabbed Starbs in the morning and walked downtown in search of local art. It is quite abundant in Santa Rosa. 
Comic book chick. 
Peanuts is everywhere because of Charles Schultz originating in Sonoma County. 
Scissors cutting blue tape

We think SANTA ROSA is spelled out on different electrical boxes but they were so spread out we finally gave up in search of antiques. 

50 Influential people from Sonoma County
us with Jack London
That's me reflected down there somewhere
No clue what this is

Billie Holiday
I love me some Fahrenheit 451
Call of the Wild
An "O"
My fav - Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price
Us on a farm
Awesome poppies, right?
Here I am in China

Check out this weird horse / stick / statue thing. 
Railroad Square

and we ended the day (after basically drowning our day in antique shopping) with yum-o food - all locally grown. 
and I headed home. I was pretty sad to leave my bud and head back to boring-land, but it's cool - there are plenty more weekends in my future, right?

One thing I discovered on this trip - I am a California junkie. And. I. Love. It. 

Math and Love

I've been thinking a lot about how highly complex the human brain is and the fact that most of us don't use our brain to it's full potential. Despite it's abilities I have come to the conclusion that the heart solves all problems. Maybe not in math, but in love. Your brain can trick you into many things but your heart will never lie to you. 

This is kind of an incomplete thought, but I'm OK with that.


Friday, July 29, 2011

How hair can change a man

Anthony is trying to grow his hair out - and that always proves to be an uphill battle for him. He'll grow his hair for two months and then come home with it all shaved off and grinning like crazy. He cracks me up. So.. while this hair growth phase lasts we are having some fun... 

Here is Anthony as: 

a businessman
Eddie Munster
The comb over or the "that way" guy
Alfalfa (Little Rascals)
Dwight Schrute
A flower child
A flower child at a Grateful Dead concert
a guy with a ponytail 
a punk rocker
a metal head
a guy from a Flock of Seaguls
and this is me bored in the passenger's seat on the way home from Tahoe...

Happy Friday!