Thursday, June 25, 2009

Theme Thursday: SUMMER

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This weeks theme is SUMMER.
It doesn't feel too much like summer around here - the weather has been a bit groggy - but I am the queen of being busy so I thought I'd share my summer plans.

This summer I will be...

in Oakdale at a 50th anniversary party
in Groveland at my family cabin
in Yosemite
in Redding and the surrounding areas
at the county fair
in San Simeon at Hearst Castle
in Anaheim at Disneyland and Universal Studios
in Kennedy Meadows camping
in Reno for a wedding
in Lake Tahoe
and of course... in Santa Cruz


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Well we had yet another fun filled weekend in Fremont town. After the longest work week of my life (I believe I worked close to 44 hours in four days along with about 15 hours of babysitting) I was more than willing to drive to Fremont and sit around for two days. So that's what we did. Anthony spent Father's day on a hike with his family and on a morning bike ride with Joe. I made my dad a batch of [purposefully] burned oatmeal raisin cookies (his favorite). Now we're back in Santa Cruz looking forward to this coming week's festivities. My grandparents are celebrating 50 years with a big PARTY. And the following weekend we will be spending three days up in Redding with Anthony's family at a family reunion / 4th of July fun. We'll be doing some hiking up there as well. Hopefully I find time to blog this week. -Kels

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rispin Mansion Burned Down

Recently a historic mansion in the middle of Capitola burned down. Well, technically it didn't burn down. Someone set fire to it (obviously) and now parts of it are pretty much burned out. Not that it was a great focal point to begin with considering it's 60 year abandonment. It's sectioned off with chain link fences and caution tape and the premises is armed with police guards. So... Anthony and I decided to check it out. We went down to the Perry Park trail and took photos through the fence.

Here is the backside. You can't walk over there

Anthony realized we were on a sort of "hike" so I should then refer to him as John Beaverson

This is the entryway to the mansion property. It is a huge wooden door set in a stone wall that spans the entire property.

To read the article about the fire and the investigation click here
to learn more about the Rispin Mansion (because I said close to nothing about it)
click here


BBQ Time Again

Some of the Camello fam came over this pas weekend for another BBQ. We had Michelle, Jamie, Anthony's family, aunt Sissy, Uncle Jamie and Kevin over. After all the food - and I mean ALL the food - we walked down to the beach to watch the 85th Anniversary fireworks for the Giant Dipper. Yes, Santa Cruz people celebrate birthdays for wooden structures.

Read the Sentinel Article Here

Everybody chillin' out on our awesome patio
Joe and Jamie
Jamie and Michelle
Jacqeulina Ballerina
Beach time!

We are losers
and so is Sarah

Yay for BBQing! We love it. You love it. Come BBQ with us.


Brittney has Graduated

My cousin Brittney just graduated from high school
last Friday and I thought I'd share some of the photos
since it somehow turned into a photo fest.

our wonderful view of the ceremony
This is the most amazing part of her school. This mural is so cool and it's as tall as the gym ceiling

Joe and Ant
The Class of 2009

Dad and Joey
Me and Taylor
Brittney and her mom and sisters
These are ALL the girls on this side of the family. Grandma, Karlie, Megan, Brittney, aunt Sheri, aunt Tammy, Gabrielle, aunt Janet, Leah, Mom, Taylor and Me. It's a little overrun by girls.
The boys

This kid accidentally dropped his pants. It was awesome!
me and gramsy
and aunt Tammy
Sorry you're not smiling Mom - and HI DAD hahaha
my mom thought it would be funny to jump into the back of our photo too
It got a little hysterical at the end


Afternoon Photo Shoot(s)