Saturday, June 27, 2015

All the reasons why 3 months is better than 2

Congrats on making it to three months old, little Lee. I'm proud to say that we're still here. :) 

This kid is a champ. He's been chillin' like it's nobody's business since day one, but I'll tell you what, it still amazes me!

Lately, dad has been reading Noisy Trucks to baby boy, and I've been loving Jumping Beans. That one and The Pig of Happiness are such WEIRD books.

I thought that this time around I would talk about some of the things that Lee has been doing pretty much non-stop this last month - things that make month 3 more exciting, and fun than month 2. 

- Fascination with hands. "What are these things?" "Ooooh, they taste good!!"

- Tendency to attempt to put binky back in mouth when playing alone. Too cute, and also frustrating. Learn already!!

- Toys! Swatting at and grasping toys! It is TOOOOOOOO CUTE and TOOOOOOO COOL!

- Sitting up unassisted, meaning without help from mom and dad. Sometimes Angie's booty lends him a hand. Other times it's a pillow or couch cushion.

- Thinking that diaper changes are all fun and games - mr. smiley kickey pants. Yeah, sure, they're all fun and games until someone kicks a tiny foot into a massive poop explosion. 

- The attempted back to side roll. Sometimes he gets it. Other times he doesn't. That one is a work in progress.

-Talking to mom. I have to admit that this kid likes to talk to me when we're face to face. He must know I'm a natural over-talker. 

- "facetime" - when you put your face real close to his and he examines it... usually with sharp fingernails! This often ends with a fishhook to the lip. (Invented by dad)

- Single arm and single leg movements during tummy time. It ain't time to crawl kid. I don't want to sweep that often just yet.

- Going from laying down to standing. This kid is obsessed with being pulled up by his arms into a standing position. We then joke about all the booty shaking that happens as he tries to balance his body. 

- Smiles ALL AROUND. That never, ever gets old.

- 6 oz bottles 4 times a day. Enough said. Thank you to the bottle gods who created such large bottles. 

We could go on and on here, but I won't bore you any longer. Happy Saturday to you all!


and Tenacious Lee