Monday, October 26, 2015

Tenacious Lee at 7 Months

Alright, 7 months down. 

Right off the bat I will admit that I was pretty lazy this past month when it came to feeding real food to this guy and also reading to him. Grandma Geegee sent us Nat Geo for Kids, which is very cool! I am making it a goal to step it up in the fruit, meat and beans game (during meals) and the actually reading to this kid game (before bed). 

Baby boy is really quite something. He is on the move! He started working hard at crawling around 5 months, and by 6 months he was very, very close. I would say that it was maybe 1 or 2 weeks into 6 months that he started cruising all over the place. He also added endless flips into his repertoire AKA, "Come back! I've flipped over and I'm tired and WAAAAHHHH!!" This is both funny and adorable (sometimes) and super annoying and tiring (most of the time). One of my favorite things is to come into his room in the morning and find him on his knees on the other side of the crib from where we laid him, playing with his stuffed animals. He also does this funny thing if he's just woken up and we walk into his room - he plays peek a boo by hiding his face in the blankets and then looking up at us and laughing. Cutest!!! Watching him grow and change never ceases to be exciting!

3 1/2 weeks ago Lee had his first real sickness - Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. He passed it around between the Weems and Camello houses - FUN! Thank you San Diego!! At the same time he sprouted two little teeth. They're just too freaking cute. I love them!!

What else? We finally gave him fruit. He tried a banana. Not a fan. Definitely going to try more fruits this month. He has also had fried chicken (accident, oops!), french fries, and just about anything else he has swiped while we weren't looking. Geez, this kid. He really does not stop moving EVER. He keeps us laughing and smiling 24/7, and I just love him and his tiny goofball personality SO, SO MUCH!!

A typical day in the life of Lee involves about 5 hours of daytime sleep (in two naps) and about 3 hours of play time in his room while I do other things. Maybe an hour or two hanging with us, plus breakfast and dinner. Sometimes a walk outside, usually not. Lots of time with miss Angie girl. He's very independent and we love it. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! 

Lots of fun was had this past month. We had the joy of visiting San Diego, we spent some time with Natalie and Wesley, got to see little Leah with Shawna and Justin, and visited with his cousin Mason at his baptism a week ago. FUN, FUN, FUN and more to come.  


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Candlelighters Ghost House 2015

We had a great time participating in the Kiddie Parade at the 2015 Candlelighters Ghost House. It's so much fun carrying on traditions from when I was a kid! For Lee's first costume I made him a little devil. I sewed most of the outfit myself (white lots of verbal guidance from mom) and Renee helped me use the Silhouette machine for the white letters on his front. I just love him in this outfit and want him to wear it everyday.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Randoms for you on 10.20.15

Just a few overdue, but not forgotten photos from Grandma Weems' 80th and Mason's baptism, as well as a few randos from the last couple months of Lee at the Weems house. 

 Cool kids...

 Poor Mason was so hungry and we kept trying to make him pose!

This one cracks me up! Kels

Friday, October 16, 2015

Perry Farms for Pumpkin Picking

Took a little cousin trip to Perry Farms / Ardenwood last night to pick out our pumpkins!

Snapped some cutie patootie photos of my little TL. I just love him to death.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Touched Down in San Diego Town

Back to reality after a 5 day stay in the always pleasant San Diego. Today was full of unpacking, lots of laundry, and soon to be a yummy homemade chicken noodle soup. 

We had a great time celebrating US (5 years of marriage) over the last few days, but all parents know that once your little ones come along it's really all about them. We took far too many photos on this trip, so we've got a long post ahead of us here. 

Thanks to my cousins Katie and Kevin for allowing us to crash in their home in Ocean Beach while they are away in Germany, celebrating Oktoberfest for their honeymoon. We were so grateful to have a kitchen and separate room for little dude to sleep in. He really learned how to cry his eyes out the last two days of this trip (and so did we, geez) since he started sprouting little tooth nubs, which arrived with a fever and a rash. He was also a fan of protesting food. Oh boy, it was a joy to behold. Thankfully, Lee is pretty much back to normal now that we're home......... FOR NOW!!!!!

Our trip, more or less, went as follows:

Thursday: Flew into SD, went to Ballast Point Brewery & Little Italy, Waterfront Park and the harbor boardwalk area; OB Noodle House with the Magennis crew and yours truly turned 'grump of the year' by 9pm.

Friday - Victory Station to check out the Women's History Museum, Stone Brewery and the architecture. Wow!  Coronado Island for ice cream and to see the famous hotel, then another stop at the fountain in Waterfront Park; Hodad's for dinner.

Saturday - Breakfast at the Old Townhouse Restaurant in OB, then headed to the Poway Historic Fair for the afternoon; Rumble in Ramona 5, where Lee got "blessed" by some skater dudes. Sunset at Sunset Cliffs, and dinner at Pizza Port. 

Sunday - We did absolutely nothing except lay around the house all day while Lee drove us insane. Went for a walk to the beach, and ate Chinese takeout for dinner.

Monday - Lots of rain (it ruled!!!). Breakfast at Old Townhouse again (sooooo good! A lot like Country Way) followed by a trip to the Cabrillo National Monument. Beers at Pizza Port. Bye Bye SD - we flew home around 8pm. 

Now, on to the photos: 

(oh my goodness, there are way too many more photos on my phone. I'm too lazy to repost, so IG will have to do)