Sunday, October 31, 2010


So if you haven't heard the story already here goes...
One day Kelsey sat down and deleted all the honeymoon photos by mistake.. but alas! She wasn't completed dim witted. She brought two cameras on that honeymoon
Upside: This post
Downside: This post is full of animal photos

We took a nice little trip in the rain to the Angel stadium

Anthony loved it!
And we drove down to San Diego to go to the world famous ZOO!

Anthony and his little snake friend

Dung Beetles - eew! So pretty though.

This bird is fake... but it looks so real at first!

This llama was tiiiiired.
We got to visit with Alsan. He is wise. Oh so wise.

Check out that elephant trying to stomp on that orange shirted kid. Those orange shirted kids were a disaster. Kill me now before I see another kid in an orange shirt. Seriously.

This polar bear was my favorite part of the whole zoo. He is so cool. Literally. hahahaha. I kid. I kid.

He poked his head out to say "hello."
If you didn't know already.. flamingos smell. Now why didn't I know this before?
This little meerkat insisted on posing for my photos.

Isn't he adorable?
Second best part of the zoo? The otters! They sure can swim fast.

The lizard and snake house was equally amazing.

So creepy!
Two days later we drove home - again - so many photos missing but.. what can you do?
E.T. was there as always.
I love you E.T.



Happy Honeymooning!


Halloween Time with Old Cousins

I love my cousins
I mean we usually argue most of the time
but it's all good because family sticks together no matter what

Britt, Meg, Karlie and my Aunt Sheri were coming over tonight for some pizza and a scary movie (The scary movie didn't happen because I was too afraid of the Mike Meyers music to get through two minutes of the movie) but the pizza.. oh it happened. Moving on... these four crazies ran up the front steps and freaked me out when mom opened the door.
I made them pose behind some tombstones in the local graveyard

Scream investigated the most up to date men's health tips
Joey had to create a costume for a party so he used a bunch of old stuff from our trusty Halloween box and somehow managed to make something worthwhile thanks to me and a couple of safety pins.
All of a sudden Eddie ran out of the house in this getup.

They bonded. As usual.
Eddie tried to get the full effect of a ketchup bottle - no legs allowed.

Somehow this happened
but it was good times.
Love you guys,


Twins: Photo Booth

I love you
I love you more
I love you most
I love you mosty most

Happy Halloween!