Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Pumpkin Time!

A couple nights ago we decided it was time to carve "the pumpkins"
We waited til they were $4 at the store

Anthony drew his all out before he started
I was the designated pumpkin gutter (because that's my true skill)

(Yes I do wear this shirt 24/7)

My pumpkins are never very creative. Like I said - I'm the gutter.
Anthony always has something good up his sleeve though.


Two Makes One #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pillows Do a Body Good (or bad)

This is what erupted from the bedroom last night

no pillows left
he'll have to do
good thing he can't get off the floor
axel was very confused about the whole situation
We stopped by Subway
Jared gave him a pep talk
and I very quickly got the old Anthony back

there are no words
he is just too weird for me


Eating Steak Signifies Wealth

...we must be pretty rich looking then
cause this steak was BOMB

Tonight Anthony made:

corn (yes we eat corn a lot)
and garlic herb noodles
zee chef-a-loo


(sorry for all the food posts - we've been cooking and that always makes me very excited)

[A long, Thin, Cylindrical Pasta of Italian Origin]

Last night I made spaghetti
with corn
and garlic bread
So good!
Zee Chef.


Honestly Abe.. I love you

This is my new $12 shirt
that is 12 dollars for
a shirt
and shipping
what a deal


Rosie: Nun Extraordinaire

Rosie burrowed her way under the shirt

I couldn't help myself with the photos
you don't even want to know how many I took
it's quite sad actually

but isn't she so adorable?


Date Night!!

We NEVER go anywhere fun or do anything at all really besides exist
I've been having such a horrible time with work and being sick
that we decided we had to get out
We went to the movies for the first time here in Santa Cruz
it was so good
and I'd see it again today
if I wanted to pay twice
but I don't

We also got PIZZA at Pizza my Heart
and candy at Marini's

I got peanut butter and watermelon taffy (not together - ew)
we had to make a pit stop at the Dollar Store before going home
and I found this cake topper
What do you think? Should Anthony go headless?

When we got home Ant took pictures of me modeling my new T-Shirt
Discussing milk shortages
wearing Jay-Z shades
reading Harry Potter
and taking photos as usual
I like this shirt
It gets me kisses