Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

...and how my cousins and I turned robe ponchos into Harry Potter attire
Anthony and I coordinated for Christmas Eve Mass this year so I decided it warranted a photo op
after the service we drove over to my mom and dad's house for a Prime Rib dinner. It was delicious!

notice my dad is holding his dinosaur of a cell phone in his hand. It's something he's quite fond of. 
After dinner we headed over to Nana's for a visit with Santa Claus and the rest of the Camello Clan

and I had a tiny bottle of Malibu in chocolate. It was not good. They should really put yummy chocolate around those things. 
When we got home I could NOT fall asleep for the life of me. I was so excited to give Anthony all of his gifts!!!
In the morning we made coffee and went on an opening frenzy... including stockings for the animal loves. 
Axel was too cool for gifts. 

Angie, on the other hand, loved hers and is actually kind of obsessed with her new corn dog toy.

We found the perfect ornaments for each other this year: A tape measurer for Ant and a little pug in a stocking for me.

We always label our gifts with fun sayings or Tos and Froms. This was my favorite from Ant. 

Love my new E.T. print!! I believe it's from an Etsy seller. 
From me to Ant
For me. 

Angie was saying .."Oh Christmas!" in her tiny little voice all day!
Oh the mess

After we got dressed we left for the Camello abode and opened more gifts and ate a ton of food for breakfast. Then we headed to San Leandro to meet up with the Darbo family at Aunt Cindy's. Of course we don't have any photos of those things because JOEY has failed to send them to me. Oh well... 
After we left the Darbo's in San Leandro we headed back to Fmont to my parents' house for more gifts and more food and more family. It was kind of a long holiday - hehe. Anthony took a little nap (he does this every single year at the same time) under the blanket that my mom whipped up for me. Isn't it awesome!!!

My dad played Santa giving everyone gifts.

and then....
Britt, Meg and I began series of photographs in our poncho robes... We decided that we looked like students at Hogwarts so I found some spatulas and made us wands

We were casting a lot of spells up in there. People were frightened. 
Then I pulled a Ron and stuck my wand up my nose. 
Here we are hanging out in the Gryfindor common room. 
singing Christmas carols around the tree

fawning over baby Jesus
I don't know... 
It was fun.
The best Christmas in a long long long while for sure.