Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How The Salsa Time Was Born

This, my friends, is Darryl Salsa
Darryl Salsa is a very special form of salsa for two reasons:
First, one of our technicians, Darryl, makes it for us and just drops it off in our office for us (typically it is accompanied by a large bag of chips)
Second, it is fresh, tasty and has no preservatives aka it's not bad for you and it's most certainly addicting

Candice and I have a special time during the day that we like to call "Salsa Time" where we lay out shop towels and chips between our desk and pig out. There is sometimes always a dance involved.

If I could have Darryl Salsa in a camel pack, I'd wear a fanny pack full of chips. Yes, I would wear a fanny pack for Darryl Salsa.

If someone could come up with an invention where Darryl Salsa squirts from a hole in a tube above my desk into my mouth, and a chip pops out of my computer screen simulatenously I might invest. If that same tube would please also have the ability to dispense water I'd certainly invest.

Basically Darryl Salsa is amazing. If he gets famous on it I'll make sure I buy you some.


Monday, September 27, 2010


1. I am getting married
2. I have the 1st through the 10th off work
3. I am spending 7 hours in a car with my favorite person in the whole world - he may not be as excited as I am- (I SING... a lot)
4. I get to wear a beautiful dress
5. My brother promised he'd cut his hair for the ceremony - now that is love!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

And Now I'm 21

This year I turned 21 years old
And it was quite an eventful day
I came into my office at work and it was pretty decked out
Ruthanne decided Candice and I deserved In-n-Out milkshakes
and an awesome gift card!

My mom and dad sent me these beautiful flowers
Despite the walk of shame that I had to endure from the front desk back to my office, it was definitely worth it
Cupcakes happened!
Then all the Northwest dispatch went out for dinner
and Crystal bought me my first ever drink at a bar
I proceeded to eat a lot of crab
and that little fork is somewhere.. I'm not really sure where to be honest. Victoria?!
It was my first trip to an Outback Steakhouse
I was given free ice cream which was pretty awesome
Then Ant picked me up and we met our families at BJ's
Tommy and I had a little photo shoot as per usual

me and Mom
Desiree, me and Joe

Me and dad
and Joe
Tommy insisted that I get a birthday cake shot

More ice cream plus PAZOOKIE!

We are dorks and I love my family.

Then we stopped by The Camello house for some cake ala Mary and Jacqueline. Yum!

Happy Birthday to me - three weeks ago - yahoo!



I am making a short comeback to the blogging world before I get married and leave for my week long honeymoon BABY! Here, courtesy of the lovely Andie, are photos I never posted from last month's "co-ed wedding shower" thrown by the lovely Carrie and equally lovely Patrick.

Samantha makes me smile
Everyone in my forced group photo
Opening gifts
Anthony + Sierra Nevada + Caleb's creative mind = this photo

Cody's special card just for Anthony
Again... I love my friends...
Eddie playing catch with Caleb monster

Andie, me, Sarah and Ant

Carrie and Patrick
Mike, Schmid, David, Ant, and Troy
Showing the love
This photo exemplifies my future: "Kelsey" Look at the cutie pie... "Anthony" Smell my butt!
Saige likes cake!!!!!
so does Caleb!

This is where Mike wonders why he is with someone (Samantha) who hugs someone (Kelsey) like this. It's called - junior high best friends Mike - GET OVER IT! :)

Caleb was such a good helper. I think he was practicing for his soon to be new baby brother!

Good photos with Troy are impossible. But I love these ones anyway.

Brothers? WEIRD!!! I like it.
No comment on this one.

Rica and Sarah
I don't think I'm ever going to lose my dorkiness
Joey. No comment.

Lauren, Saige and Nicole
Our first kiss... hahahahahaha
Games were played

Trivia was guessed
Sam and Mike

The Codster
Eduardo Weemsio
Josephina Weemsila

I love parties
and my friends
and presents
and photos
and getting married
and people who throw parties (you guys were awesome!)