Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wall Art: Take One

Capitola Village Wall Mural

{Artist Uknown - because I forgot to look - so sue me]

Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Nice Day...

We had some wonderful downtime this afternoon in Capitola so we took a stroll down the wharf and along the Esplanade.
I finally got smart and stashed quarters in my glove box for such occasions.
Click to enlarge - it's better that way :)
Birds kept telling us to slow down
This dude knew what it was all about. He fed those birds like no other human being has (except maybe the chick from Home Alone - you know who I'm talking about, right?)

We went into the bait and tackle shack and there were billions of photos on the walls. IT WAS AWESOME!
I've come to realize that I love buoys. They make me happy. These ones are so lucky they get to hang out and sway in the water all day long.
Always gotta get one of us on our adventures.
Thank you camera for capturing the bird poo in the foreground.


Picnics are for Days Like These

A couple days ago we had a nice sunny day here in Santa Cruz so
Ant and I made ourselves a little picnic and drove
over to the West Side to sit on the cliffs.
Robo thumb came with us (I'll explain that later)

We were kinda envious of this fishing guy.
We still need to get out and fish on the pier here.
Needless to say - we're looking forward to Spring and Summer
so we can enjoy Santa Cruz weather at its best.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

$$ MONEY $$

Guess what?!
This tree is living in my backyard!
no but really..

Guess what?!

I just did all my calculations and we don't have to move!
I know I've never mentioned this before but we've been considering moving to a cheaper place
not because we want to
because we don't
we love this place
like we'd buy it in two seconds if
1. Our landlords were selling
2. We wanted to live in Santa Cruz forever
3. Had the money to do so

But anyway... we don't have to move!
If I continue to make what I make (or more - I can dream can't I?)
and Anthony makes what he makes
then we are spending only 35% of our income on rent!
Did you know that 40% was my goal?!

We are amazing.
It is now a fact.
Make us gold medals if you'd like
I'll mail the address upon request.

Love, Kels

p.s. Can you tell I had coffee? uh oh!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anthony Turns the BIG 21!!

This past weekend we decided to drive up to gold country for some time away to celebrate Anthony's big birthday
Our first stop was Bass Pro Shop in Manteca
The mecca if you will of outdoor sporting equipment
basically a Disneyland for hunters
Here I am posing with John Muir
one of my idols
This place is massive!
Two stories
You know, 2 Billion square feet or something like that

Anthony was in fishing rod heaven
There is this massive tank filled with fish and accompanied by a waterfall.
I think it is appropriate to say WTF here.
There are also plentiful amounts of stuffed animals
not the cute furry kind
the "holy crap that is a stuffed deer I just ran into!" kind
huge - I'm telling you HUGE!

These we loved
These little buttheads we did not.
In fact there is a raccoon sitting on my porch right now.
Anthony and I recently joined the "I HATE RACCOONS" group on Facebook
but I digress
We finally left the Bass Pro Shop and found his shopping cart return area.
I fit quite snug underneath it and felt it was a momentous occasion that must be documented.

On to the ACTUAL birthday...

THIS is how a birthday boy looks when he wakes up on his twenty-first birthday.
We sort of had pancakes the morning before so his big exciting birthday breakfast was a bit of a flop
but you can't beat milk in a wine glass and buttered flapjacks with an expiration date you're not entirely sure of!
He wanted to go fishing for his birthday so we drove to the other side of the lake and fished...
and fished..
and fished...

We caught a fish finally!
No just kidding.
We didn't.
Though it was awesomely fun just the same!
For dinner we planned to go to the Iron Door. This bar in town with a restaurant attached.
But they were closed.
So we ate at PJ's Diner (insert hillbilly accent here)
Needless to say - our farts were deadly for about two days following
The next day we stopped into Sonora for a visit with the Grams and Pops of the Weems side and Anthony's Aunt Andrea and Ger.
It was a lot of fun visiting and it made us remember to appreciate the loving families we have.
After Sonora we went into old town Murphys.
Can you tell we stayed for about five seconds?!
FINALLY we made it to the snow in Arnold.

Definitely going back again soon.