Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter Ball 2015

AKA Christmas with friends.

  Thanks for coming out and having a blast with us!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

8 months and it's ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

Little dude is officially 8 months old - and practically halfway to 9 (whoops!)

My DSLR is currently out of commission, so I had to take these on my iPhone. It is what it is. 

We just love our little guy - Tenacious Lee. He is such a goofball; so much fun to play with. This month we got way more into eating solid foods (and finally put a highchair in our kitchen), and little dude is officially a crawler. I think that during my last post he was toying with the idea of crawling, but he is on the go 24/7 at this point. At first he did a sort of army crawl / worm, but it has become a standard, way too fast for us crawl! I guess it really is time to baby proof this place, huh? Cords have already become a problem, and my precious space heater is often on top of the table instead of at my feet. Oh well, the price I pay for this adorable child, am I right?

He's been working on walking / cruising. I was really into it, even as recent as one day ago I was pushing him to walk - heck, one hour ago.... but now I'm thinking, "NOOO.. CRAWL FOREVER!" Walking would be just one more thing telling me that this kid is becoming a toddler, and not a baby. UGH!!

What else is new? Not much. We've been attending church together, and he loves to sing with everyone during hymns. He's really into music, so we've been keeping all of his musical toys and Anthony's guitar down on the floor for him.

We've also been using the carrier more often since it's cold. It helps us both stay warm when we're out and about. It came in very handy during the Niles Parade - first parade for Lee! He REALLY likes all the lights, especially our lights on the house.

One thing that is kind of new, but we've been doing since he got teeth is brushing his teeth. He gets so excited when we go into the bathroom at night. He knows it's time to brush those teethies with that yummy tasting stuff! haha

He went on his first little snow trip this past month, to Yosemite Valley. I got to ice skate, and little dude got to root through the snow for a precious tree branch! If only we could all get as excited about small things as children do!

He's got A TON OF HAIR. (It must be a Camello gene), and he's really into playing with his tongue and sticking it out at you. He gives so many big, fat open mouth kisses now - it's too adorable, and those two top teeth are just forcing their way on through. When they will arrive is still a mystery. (Soon, please?!

I don't have much else to report. We're just getting ready for Christmas, and Lee is spending the next 5 days with his grandmas and grandpas on both sides, and Marissa (thank you, again!) while mom and dad see NYC for the first time!

Here's to another few weeks before this guy turns 9 months (AND CHRISTMAS)!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yosemite in the Fall

Yosemite Valley is always a wonderful place to visit, but especially during it's most beautiful seasons - the spring and fall. In early spring the waterfalls are at their peak and in late fall there is just enough snow to enjoy without freezing to death on a small hike.

Last weekend we took Lee and Riley up there and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The trip really was a great way to usher in the Christmas season!

Up next, Thanksgiving!

**photo quality is poor for two reasons. First, my camera broke the minute we got into the park. Second, I used the blogger app to upload these - and it comes over in a small, blurry format. Good enough, I say**

We were also able to visit with Grandma Weems on Friday night. We're too lucky to have her so close by - only 2 hours from home!