Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halfway to 1 - HOLY MOLY

Little Tenacous Lee is 6 months old, and he loves to babble, talk and smile. If you see him frowning, trust me that if he could talk he would tell you that I did something wrong. This little guy is so stubborn already; I can just see how he's going to be later on.

He loves to mimic others and say "hi" (well, it sounds like 'hi') and has just started really sitting up unassisted. You can tell it's a whole new world from that view.

He's been trying so hard to crawl and is constantly up on his knees. He's great at crawling backward, and scoots on his tummy around the room to get to where he wants to go. No forward crawling yet, but I'm thinking it's not too far off now. We'll see!

He prefers real food over bottles and his new favorite thing is to blow raspberries and spit food out in a spray towards your face. It's a joy.

Lemon lover - this kid. He LOVES lemons! Too, too funny!

He tries to walk when you hold him standing up and his little hairs are getting long and thick, and OH SO BLONDE. I love it!

Little dude definitely laughs more now, and the other day he even laughed at a joke I made that no one else laughed at. I was like, "Thanks, son!"

He can be sooooo dramatic when he's upset. He likes to put his arms through the bars of the crib, like, "Break me outta here ma and pa!"

He bottle feeds himself exclusively, except when he's with grandma and papa and at their houses, and he just LOVES to make attempts at getting out of the Bumbo chair.

Lee likes to spend about 30 minutes or more in the crib each morning. Once one of us goes in to get him he is all smiles and flapping arms. It's truly the best moment of each day.

Of course, he's a huge Raiders and Athletics fan, and he's already a pro at attending sporting events, as he made it through the last two baseball games like a boss.

Looking forward to the holiday season with this kiddo. So, so excited!!