Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Semester

Fall semester has begun for me.
Here's the building I frequent on Wednesday nights
The Plaza
My Latin American History classroom.

Oh school.. this is going to be tough this year!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Chloe

I don't know if you guys remember my post about my co-worker Gretchen's baby shower - you can check that out here - but Gretch, Jake and Chloe came to visit us on Wednesday in the office.
We ordered pizza
and took photos of the little cutie
Here she is with her twin hahahaha. They have the same hair.

Derrick doesn't hold babies under 4 months so... this is as close as he would get

Isn't she cute?


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camera Dilemma

So my wonderful husband told me that he wants to buy me a camera for my birthday next week and I've now spent three weeks trying to decide what camera I want. I mean, I definitely want a camera. The question is.. should I get one? And if I should get one then which one should I choose? Also.. can someone send me thousands of dollars in cash? Thanks!!

I am currently stuck on three cameras:
The Nikon D3100
The Nikon D5100
and the Canon Rebel T3i

They are just so expensive and there are other things we want right now.. namely - a new dog. Plus, my camera doesn't take bad photos. They just aren't wonderful either.

I think I'll wait another year.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Puppy Adoption

So ever since Shadow has been gone (yeah - not even a week) we've been talking about getting a brand new puppy. Trouble is that we need to complete our back yard so the new pup will have somewhere to run and play - and we need to clean out our garage so it's not a complete pile of junk when she shows up. 

Here's what we've decided:

We definitely want another australian shepherd mix
We want a girl (well that's just me I guess)
We want a dark brown / black dog

And that's it. So.... someone please send us hands to fix our backyard, money to buy a new puppy, patience to instill in our cat, and.... well that's it. 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

WISH LIST 8.24.11 - Amazon Style

I was bored so I made a wish list on Amazon
I like these lists because sometimes I want something and later on I realize I didn't truly want it
As always...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flashback Photo Booth

I was inspired today by fellow blogger Becky's post about her and her husband's tradition of taking a strip of photos in a photo booth every year on their wedding anniversary. You can check that out HERE.

We have a similar tradition. Every summer we take a strip at the Alameda County Fair. We only missed out on the year that we were living in Santa Cruz for the summer. So... here's to tradition:







Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glamping in Stanislaus National Forest

We spent our last summer weekend away up at Aunt Andrea's cabin in Stanislaus. 
We go every year and each trip proves to be more fun than the last.
For the first time EVER Anthony got off work early and we started on our trek to the cabin. Yeah, I hate construction in the summertime. 

This freaking hat made its way into the car and stayed on Anthony's head throughout the whole trip. Yeah. It's great.
good morning sunshine

Mary and her doughnuts. Jack really wanted one. 

Mmmm.. coffee camping. It never fails. 
and a bloody mary. Spicy.
Brynn napped for like four minutes.

Renee and her twin sister Andrea (you guys basically are) made breakfast

Kylie Marie entertained us all weekend

we all took a little hike to the waterfall, but it was too hot to climb any rocks

why is Anthony so weird?

I finished another book. Woo!
and we played some Nerts
and beer pong
Sarah and Kylie built a fort

Aww. Grandma and Brynn
Kylie colored in her little tent
and there was some badminton playing
We left Sunday afternoon to go antiquing in Jamestown but we didn't find anything that wasn't overpriced.
and we drove home to Chili's. Oh I love Chili's. 
I slept the whole time. Very attractive, I know. 

and Axel greeted us at the door. I love him so much.
Well. Summer is over (almost). Tomorrow is my first day of school and Saturday we're having a huge garage sale. And... ten days til my 22nd birthday! woo!