Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dahlin Cabin 2k17

Enjoyed another wonderful weekend at the Dahlin cabin in the woods. Tuolumne County has thrown mosquitoes, bees and some awfully hot weather at us in the past, but she just can't get rid of us! This year's trip was earlier in the year than usual and with perfect weather to boot. The water was raging, and all meals consisted of various gourmet components. What a trip! 

Anton and I chose a special tree for Leeland where we carved his initials and height. Next year we'll see how tall each of them will have grown. The kids had a blast, and thus, so did the adults... and you can't leave for home without one of Ger's famous bloody Mary's.

Thanks for having us up year after year, Ger and Andrea. We love and appreciate our special time spent up there. Happy Father's Day!!!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yeehaw! Leeland is 2!

Leeland, are you one or two?

Did you have fun today?

Well then...job. well. done.