in no particular order (and definitely ready for an update):

Visit every national park in the United States

Have children

Complete our wedding album

Create an in-home darkroom

Swim further into the ocean than clear water

Surf / Body Board / Boogie Board / Wakeboard / Jet Ski / Get off the boat when boating

Go on a houseboat

Watch an entire season of hockey, basketball or baseball

Own a smart phone

Live without a cell phone for some length of time

Be jobless, completely (that was weird)

Hang my photography in our house

Cook a whole turkey, ham or chicken (disaster!!!)

Learn to BBQ

Learn to build a proper fire

Be stylish for a week

Visit another country and explore it

Go to church consistently again

Get to know my grandmothers and listen to their stories

Hike with my mom

Work a 9 to 5 job

Learn to ride a horse

Get in shape

tend a garden

Have a dog

Watch no television / movies for a month

Take chances by making new friends / friendships

Road trip in every state of the U.S.

Volunteer consistently (been at the museum for a year)

Own a home

Get married

Graduate from college

Actively raise money / donate for something I care about

Learn short-hand online

Complete a journal (haven't done that since high school)

wear heels / wedges to work

Learn how to gut a fish and cook it
...oh and catch one
(haven't done that since I was a kid)

Skateboard it up!

Print my blog from start to finish

go an entire month without alcohol consumption