Thursday, January 29, 2015

ain't no stank, sugar scrub + a little love

I wanted to be able to say thank you to our baby shower hosts in a more tangible way, so I set to work making little "pamper yourself" baskets for each of them. I was so nervous that they wouldn't like them, but thankfully all of them seemed excited to get their little gifts from me the day of the shower. 

If you are interested in creating something like this, here is what I included:

- a nice bar of soap
- a new loofa
- a small bottle of wine
- DIY vanilla poo be gone spray (If you haven't heard of it, you should definitely google it!)
- DIY sugar scrub, in various scents
- a note of gratitude

They were a hit, and I'm so glad I made them!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby it's Cold Outside!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to enjoy our first baby shower for baby nugget! My lifelong friend Erica volunteered to throw us a shower which all of our friends could attend, and luckily a bunch of my friends chipped in by tag teaming the whole party! 

Thanks to Bonnie, Rissa, Christina, Alex, Andie, Erica, Sarah and Danielle for ALL THEIR HELP from start to finish, making it one of the nicest baby showers I've ever been to!

Lucky for us the day was insanely warm! It was like a summer day. Funnily enough, the theme was "Baby It's Cold Outside". It always happens that way, doesn't it?

We played a bunch of games, such as guessing the baby's name and gender, guessing the size of my ever-expanding midsection, advice for the baby, advice for the parents, a trivia game about Anthony and I as babies, drawing on diapers for a midnight diaper supply, and the age old "guess how many candies in the jar" game. 

The food was super yum, thanks to chef Erica and her amazing talents, and all the desserts were to die for thanks to Christina who made her famous Pioneer Woman cake in cupcake form. 

Everyone who had a hand in the day made it that much more perfect, and I look forward to thanking them all individually outside of this post. 

Check out these adorable party favors! We were forcing the little hot chocolates in a jar on people by the end of the day. "Take two, take three!"

How awesome is this super special hand embroidered saying by Alex? We're hoping to sew it onto the back of a jean jacket or sweatshirt for little nugget next Winter... or the winter after that! haha 

Typical. Just typical.

Thank you to everyone who came, and to everyone who worked on the shower. Anthony and I had so much fun!!!