Monday, October 31, 2011

My Desk Window

I don't really have any windows in my cubicle area at work so instead of staring out the window when I'm bored I have a wall to look at. When I first started working here at my job I didn't have any photos except one of each of my granfathers. Things have changed since then. I cover my cubicle in photos because I love photos and I love to be surrounded by the smiling faces of the people I love. I've got both my grandpas, Shadow, Axel, my Mom and my brother Tommy, my co-workers with Caleb and the Tobster Man and of course my bub. You'll never see an empty cube when I'm around - at least not as long as I have the freedom to plaster the walls.

Mondays with Angie

Happy Monday & Happy Halloween!
(this is my first one and I am excited to see my auntie's all dressed up!)
Love, Angie
We'll be here every Monday with a little Angie action. Want to see another adorable pup? Head on over to Carrotspeak to see Brinks.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last night we had a little halloween shindig here at our house. I have recently discovered that I don't really enjoy throwing parties. If I could do all the decorating and crafting and planning and cooking and baking and ALL that and just have it at someone else's house I would REALLY change my tune on the whole situation. I guess I'm the party pooper because I am always ready for things to end before everyone else is and I don't enjoy having horribly drunk people at my house (unless it is unintentional - in which case please stay and feel better) but people who do it on purpose and annoy me drive me up a wall. In any case.. our party was fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone all at once because I love our friends and I love costumes so.. to the photos... 

We dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World
I searched high and low for an Aerosmith tee and I could not find one. I was pretty mad.. but I went with a Guns 'n' Roses tee so it's cool. 

Anthony looks weird here but I just love Angie

I made some food:
Orange and white rice crispy treats
popcorn with pretzels, chocolate and peanut butter chips, candy corn and pretzels
Sugar cookies
and 7 layer dip
I put Ant in charge of cookie decorating so we had cookies that said "die" and his phone number on them. I should have known... haha
Mike and Sam dressed up as black and white 20's characters. Very cool idea!
Casey and Nicole showed up as Mike and Celia from Monsters, Inc.
We were all blown away by that one
Angie thought Sam's toy gun was her toy

Troy was Mike from Nightmare Before Christmas & Green Man from It's Always Sunny
Schmid was Where's Waldo
I think I remember Bryan telling me he was a member of a band. I cannot remember, but his costume was creepy
Alex was an owl and her costume was handmade - again I was impressed
Sam and Angie
Party on Garth
Party on Wayne

Vrindy Mann
These two...

My husband wanted a photo taken of him this morning. I don't know why. But here it is. He'll probably tumbl it on his tumblr. 

Happy Halloween!!

Photo Dump Sunday - iPhone

I'm a little late on the uptake this week but here goes:
Angie my little passenger
Grandma and Angie
my computer friend
Classic Diner
Angie and her bone
Sarah cracks me up 
Bats all over my house!!!
Daddy and Angie
Jacqueline's Game
AHS Band
Game Night
Pearl Jam 
The question was: "Describe how you see your wife's body in the form of a letter" I said that I am a B and he said an S hahaha
The Newlywed Game
Skate Park Union City
Angie was scared
Carving the Bowl? I don't know... 
Angie the scaredy-dog
Mean Mug Pug
Getting ready for my aunt's wedding
Setting up
The cake
Angie drags trash into her bed. It's very classy. 
Egg salad sandwich - yummy
Love you
Late night popcorn snack
Our wedding quilt
Angie in her stomping ground
Grandma and Angie
Sleepy puppy
Time for bed
Early morning homework sesh
Time difference
Sucks when teachers run late
Postcard love
Mojo's for Danielle's birthday
Joey is a porn star circa 1978
love you x3
Dear Dad - Have better genes. Love, Kels
Mom hard at work
Pretty much YES
Mom and Dad 5th floor Washington Hospital
Hey dad put some pants on...  :)
Setting up for the party
Old friends
BOO DIY craft so easy
Angie loves her sun spot
Skull sugar cookies
Halloween Decor
Happy Halloween (early)
My husband... weirdo... 
Sleepy Angie cried when her Daddy left today. Saddest. thing. ever. 
Trying to eat healthy like my dad

Hope you all had a good weekend!!