Just in case you were wondering how my little family came to be...

One evening in 2011 I asked Anthony to sit down and tell me a story - the story of how we met: 

He said:

I needed a date for winter ball and someone told me that you liked me and I didn't know who you were but I knew who your brother was - I had no idea what you even looked like - I didn't know you existed. So I wrote a note to you - gave it to my friend that had told me about you - and... then... how did we meet? Was it like you said, "Hi! I'm that girl!" I don't know. We dated and I was afraid to break up with you cause you were really mean. You were like - I don't know... I didn't want to break up with you, but I don't know why I liked you. It felt like it would be the end of the world. It was confusing. Ummm.. that's how we met.

Interesting... because my version (the true and factual version) is a bit different:

I said:

Your friend Alex had been telling me for a couple weeks on AOL Instant Messenger that you liked me. All I knew about you was that you sat in the back corner of my history class and that you never spoke. Naturally I told him I liked you back. Someone gave me a note and said it was from you so my friend Stephanie and I ran to the closest bench to read it. We were both trying to read it so we tore it into pieces on accident. We were sitting there piecing it back together when I realized the top of the note was covered in crude drawings. Great way to start out a relationship. I assumed you were asking me to be your girlfriend (not your date to the winter ball, which I later found out was your intention). I wrote a note back that said "yes" and signed my name at the bottom. I don't know who I gave it to or what happened after that but suddenly you were my boyfriend and it was really fun. 

What you really need to know:

We met at age 12 in junior high and we dated through high school

  We got engaged at 18 (on Christmas Eve)

 We moved out at 19 (to Santa Cruz, CA)

 We got married at 21. That was the best party ever!!
And now, we're just puttering on. Yes, like old people...


BABY LEELAND arrived on the scene 3/24/15

**disclaimer** Alien Death Squid is our band (formed in the summer of 2012). [We currently have zero records]