Monday, August 30, 2010

To Love or not to Love...

#59 - He refuses to eat a banana like a normal person
#60 - He continues to get excited about french toast
#61 - He pretends to hate rocking chairs and yet sits in ours daily. Old man.
#62 - He takes longer to groom himself than I do
#63 - He encourages me to wear outfits I never wear even when I think they will look horrible on me
#64 - He thinks that eating is a necessity and should be done in excess on most occassions
#65 - He wants a dog but is content with cats for the moment
These are for this past Friday - sorry I am late on life as usual
Also - 33 DAYS ahhhhhhh!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have to apologize for my phone pictures - but last night was amazing!

Whoa, 21 and invincible
Can't wait to screw this up
Whoa, 21 and invincible
I'm in power for the hour
I guess today's gonna blow us away
Something Corporate will never die
and If you don't know who they are
then obviously you should call me
so you can listen to love.

Friday, August 20, 2010

43 Days and Counting...

Now that we are 43 days away from this wedding I am going to finish my "Reasons to Love Anthony" list that I started HERE AND HERE AND HERE.
I think I ended at fifty so today I'm going to give you guys 8 reasons why I love Anthony and then starting next week every Friday I'll add seven more until October 2nd! When we get to 100 I think we'll need to end this little love affair we've been having with this list. I might be more obsessed than anyone else, but that's OK with me.
#51 - He says "Have a good day" everyday when he leaves the house for work and I'm still in bed sleeping
#52 - He can build
#53 - Going to the bank and depositing a check it always a big event for him
#54 - He types slow
#55 - He is growing his hair and has a hair dilemma every week, to cut it or not to cut it
#56 - He give me a nice long hug every morning before he gets out of bed
#57 - He has a man cave in our garage and spends numerous hours there
#58 - He doesn't mind bad morning breath

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Second Wedding Shower

Three days ago the lovely Camello ladies threw me a wedding shower! I'm pretty sure the entire world was invited because close to that many people showed up. We had a great time celebrating family and getting excited for the coming month and wedding that is only about six weeks away now!

Jacqueline, one of the masterminds behind the shower agreed to pose in this photo of the entryway.

Hutch photos
Renee made these funky Martha Stewart hanging paper ball thingys which I asked her to keep and she said would be impossible so poo.
A very cute towel cake was set in the living room with this adorable ornament and a gift card for Disneyland!

me, Sarah and Jacqueline
Mary, Jacqueline, Me and Sarah

It was exciting - can't you tell?

I got the chance to pose with the food - sandwiches, fruit, potato salad, green salad, lemonade. Yum!
Natalie, Hilary, Andra, Cindy, Donna, Melissa and Joanne
Mom & Ann
Presents! So much fun opening those presents.
Mom, Me and Ann
I wonder if these three are sisters?

My new apron that Donna made me

Greeting.. by far the most stressful part of a wedding shower

The apron game quickly ensued. I paraded around the yard in this apron covered in kitchen utensils. Everyone had to remember them and get as many down on paper as they could.

I was forced to realize I apparently know nothing about Anthony. I got 3 out of 20 questions right.

17 pieces of gum in my mouth
That is what I will remember from that day for the rest of my life.
It was a great shower and we all had so much fun!
Thank you to Renee and the girls and Joe for planning and to everyone for spending their Saturday with us.

Oh - and the sun - thank you for finally coming out that day - we all appreciated it.


p.s. These pictures are a bit out of order - sorry - this author was again too lazy to rearrange.


If you're ever invited to the Dahlin cabin there are a few things to keep in mind before leaving the house.

First, pee. Maybe twice? It's kind of a long drive

Second, Paper plates litter the highway but you have to find the right one, which, by the way, is now a wooden plaque.

Third, always bring food. Lots of it. Sunflower seeds and old licorice just won't do.

We were so excited to get there last weekend because we heard there was this big movie star there. Sarah something. She's huge.

These are the faces the rest of this family is subjected to daily. We never shut up.


Love the cabin! We always have a great time. Thanks Andrea and Ger!


p.s. The author of this post was too lazy to dialogue. Those in this post: Renee, Joe, Anthony, Mary, Jacqueline, Me, Ger, Andrea, Katie, Glenn, Kylie