Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OK this is the LAST Memorial Day Post

I almost forgot about the amazing dinner my mom and dad made for us and my Aunt Sheri and SOON TO BE Uncle Hugh on Sunday night. 

Sheri and Hugh
me and Shads
oooh so cute.
this guy... 
my dad using his telescope

One of the backyard finches through the telescope. Pretty cool, huh?

Hugh and my dad playing cribbage
Super yummy dinner - Mashed potatoes and bread with bbq'd steak, onions, mushrooms and scallops

we devoured it
and trifle for dessert

I love me some food people.
Speaking of food... dinner is ready.
Happy Tuesday!


If you REALLY want to know what this Memorial Day looked like... PT.3

On Monday I made blueberry pancakes
and worked on our wedding scrapbook ALL DAY LONG.


If you REALLY want to know what this Memorial Day looked like... PT.2

Sunday Anthony and I made a quick escape for the Sacramento skate park.
These funky statues were so cool.
They have a Beevis and Butthead feel to them, don't you think?

oh hi!

love my bub
a beautiful church downtown
we got some Starbs and stopped by the capitol building

someone was tired
ok I was too

I never thought I'd like Sacramento but it's a pretty fun place to visit.


If you REALLY want to know what this Memorial Day looked like... PT.1

Saturday we drove up to Petaluma for a little graduation bash ala Cinfio
We smooshed into Anthony's truck and were on our way

I am so jealous of graduates at the moment
the spread

these randomly pop up in the camera when Anthony is in charge
Christina and her brosef
Hillary the giant
Anthony posing as the 7-UP guy
yummy fruit
Tina with her grandma and grandpa
and her mom, aunt and cousin
big surprise

boob coverage
well there goes another one...
me and Tina
Seriously the BEST cake EVER... sorry mom...
then we hopped back in the car for the ride out to El Dorado for Jamie's graduation party
We walked into this... yum yum and yum
Uncle Donnie and Nana
I can't complain
Ken, Uncle David, Lenny, Joe and Ant

Dude this guy is the coolest. He plays the sax. And he is badass.

I don't know why but I love this photo
This photo has to remain small for reasons I will not mention
This is what Mike's mother in law brought him from her recent travels. He likes it. Can you tell?
Pam, Aunt Sue and Michelle
my MIL, me and Aunt Sissy
Nana and Jacquelina
Fatherly love

Congratulations Christina and Jamie
and all the other graduates that I know!