Thursday, February 19, 2015

55 and Stayin' Alive

After the year that my mom had in 2014, the three of us (Dad, Aunt Sheri and I) decided that mom really deserved a special birthday this year - especially since she was turning 55!

Last weekend we celebrated with a surprise party in her honor. It was a huge success and I'm so happy that she was able to enjoy a special birthday this year! 

Enjoy the photos from the day. Thanks to Vicki we do have a whole other batch, but those will simply have to go into the albums and not on the blog.

Happy 55th birthday to the best mom in the world!!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

thank you cards ala anthony

These made me laugh. I hope they make you laugh as well.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

campfires, frozen nights + BSLRC

Two weekends ago Anton and I made the last minute decision to go camping at Del Valle here in Livermore. I booked us a sweet ass spot on the river and we drove out Friday night. Let me tell you... it was cold. It was really cold. But, you know what? That made it really fun too!
B-Man and Alex spent the night with us on Friday, and we had a blast talking wedding details all night... and ghost stories (thanks a lot Bryan!) I was all hopped up on coffee and taquitos (our go to camping snack) so it was a pretty good night if I do say so myself.
Saturday morning we cooked up some California shaped bacon and pancakes and headed over to the lake for the inauguration of the BSLRC (that's the Beer Sippin' Lip Rippin' Club). They try to catch fish. It's very eventful. On our way back to camp Schmid and Jerry showed up. They hung out with us for awhile before they snuck back to Fremont.
Anthony and I braved another night in the cold - thankfully, night two was not as frozen - before heading home Sunday morning to clean up before Superbowl.
What a weekend. Angie loved it. Can you tell?! hahahaha