Monday, April 30, 2012

What is Cereal Week...

...and why is it a big deal?
The idea for Cereal Week (April 30th - May 4th) began last Monday.
I had eaten approximately four meals for dinner before I decided that dessert should be cereal.
I know it's weird.
That's when I thought of our first challenge: Cereal Week.
Basically, Anthony and I can ONLY eat cereal, for all three meals and any snacks, for the next five days.
It all culminates in Cinco de Mayo with lots of food and dancing!
Today is the first day and I am feeling good about this week.
We are gonna save us some moolah, people.

The next challenge will be decided by that creative husband of mine.


Mondays with Angie and Axel

Happy Monday!
Love, Angie and Axel


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrating National Parks Week / Earth Day at the Cabin

So - last weekend we grabbed a bunch of awesome people and headed up to Groveland for a little cabin action. It was originally my idea to celebrate Earth Week in Hetch Hetchy. Well, you'll see how that turned out...

We got up there Friday night...

Angie kinda likes to lick people.
My morning coffee. The best.
why is he so cute?! ^^

Angie loves going to the cabin because she gets to run around like a mad woman on the comfy carpet
We headed out to hike Hetch Hetchy, but the van over heated, so we had a little pow wow halfway there. Well, we think we were halfway there. I don't know. I guess I should have brought directions. We never made it to Hetch Hetchy...

but we did make it to Rainbow Pool. At least we got outside and adventured A LITTLE BIT, right?

then we headed down to the lake for the rest of the day

on Sunday Joey and I were determined to go on a hike. Angie got to tag along this time. We kind of failed, again, in finding a real trail.

but we walked into the creepy forest off of Hells Hollow Road. It's aptly named.

and spent the rest of that day at the lake. I love the lake.

Don't ask me why these two photos are identical. It's weird.


p.s. Angie is a pretty awesome swimmer, but she is better at crying and whining while swimming than actually having fun. What is that about? Maybe if the water tasted like Milk Bones?
p.p.s. Katie was cool

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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