Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sand Castle Day

Today we set out to build a master sand castle. Ever since I saw those kids building one at Capitola Beach during Marie and Carli's weekend getaway I've been itching to make one.

So... we packed up the car with a bag of chips, gummy worms, a water bottle, a camera, and a bunch of random sand shaping tools.

And found no parking.

So we drove back home and walked to our beach.

We had a nice argument over whether or not this shovel said Gay Toys or Bay Toys. It does in fact say Gay. Thank you very much I was right.
Wormy man
Frito girl

"The Jail" and it's "Hidden Path"
"The Town" which was located just above the library and the post office. Each home included a square garage in front.

"The Main Castle" with squae buttresses for support. Anthony made those awesome steps for it too.
The Tools
Some borrowed from the neighbor's kids' sand box.
Some taken from the Tupperware cabinet.
I discovered that I am not very creative with the sand per-say. But that I am a very good storyteller.



Renee found this Yahtzee at the thrift store and bought it for me and Ant.

Now we play every night out on the porch.
Someone accidentally deleted the photo of him in the chair.
Good thing I had this empty one handy.
We've gone a little game crazy.
We've been playing Backgammon (I've been winning)
Checkers (me winning)
and I've been winning Yahtzee.

It's not luck. It's skill.
But do you know what I hear after each game?
"I wasn't playing for strategy"
"I wasn't really focusing"



Girls Night

I don't usually refer to hanging out with my friends as "Hanging out with the girls" or to an outing as "Girls Night". But this occasion certainly merits the term.

This past Wednesday Andie, Sam, and Erica came down to go to dinner and possibly to the beach (yeah we never did that because we spent two hours talking at dinner and when the conversation turned to cupcakes you know we had to go get some!). I hadn't seen Sam in about a year or Erica in probably 6 months so it was really fun.

Plus - Andie is amazingly fun to hang out with (see I didn't forget you) and I see her pretty often.

Here I am attempting to show off our skylights
Here is Samantha Succeeding
This is how Erica and I try to take a good picture together

My personal favorite. It was quite an ordeal.
Betty Burgers
Sparkles Cupcakes.
Me and Samantha
Andie enjoying her Snicker's Cupcake
A $5 bill... o yeah and me and Erica.
Apparently we have a tall house

Anthony creeping on us
Oh hello!
The Amazing Axel
and makes it.

It was a lot of fun!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Frame Painting

So I recently found this old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook with really cute drawings on the tabs. So I had this idea to print them real tiny and frame them in the kitchen.

I turned them gray scale and printed on photo paper 4 by 4 inches
Then I found these $1 frames at the dollar store that I painted with some paint we were given a couple months ago on Freecycle.

and VOILA!

Aren't they so cute?

Today I got the urge to paint some more frames for our "Family photo wall" that I keep forgetting to work on.

These are the ghetto materials I work with :)

My water can
and my paint can opener - a random screwdriver


24 BOOKS in ONE Year!!

Dear people of the blogging world
...If there's anyone out there that is...
Cause I'm starting to think there isn't...


I have officially read TWENTY-FOUR books since Christmas.

Today I sped through Harry Potter 2 to meet my goal before school starts.

Because this semester I've got way too much on my plate.
Like a steak
and mashed potatoes
with cheese
and sour cream
not to mention the corn on the cob
with gravy
or the peanut butter marshmallow chocolate creation
I invented recently that I'll be devouring soon after.

I may not live past December.
But I promise to keep blogging in the afterlife.
If anyone will be listening.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Theme Thursday: LIMO

I've never been in a limo.
My mom and my friend Chelsea's mom offered to do the whole limo thing for senior prom when I had this really close knit group of friends who have since pretty much gone their own ways.
I denied them. I don't even like the idea of pretending to be all ritzy.
Because I'm really not like that.

I DID have my own personal limo service for a while though - but it was more like a taxicab turned van with an interesting driver. We always had long conversations about a few of the people we knew pretty well.

Pretty much all throughout high school Anthony's mom - Renee - would drive me home after feeding me dinner and playing board games all night with the girls before bed. (there were other activities but these were the most common).

I hated asking her for a ride home - but I loved spending every waking moment at their house - so I'd usually wait until it got really late when I'd finally hear Joe say, "Anthony... can you come in here for a minute?" and then I'd know it was time to go home. Or... I'd send Anthony in to ask for me.

No. I did not have a spine.

There are some good memories from those long 1 mile trips that I could have walked if we'd lived in a different time.
- The time Renee let me drive (I had my permit)
- All the times I told her stuff that Ant didn't want her to know - I still do that

ok so i can't think of any others. It was pretty much routine.

But anyway - thanks for all the rides my personal taxi driver.


Alright so I decided to try out this newfangled thing. It's a site for textbooks and instead of buying to own you buy to rent and return once the semester is over. I was quoted 9 to 14 day wait for my book and guess what?! It only took like 5 days!!!

The box included free shipping for next time!
Two temporary tattoos!
Three soda can holders!
and two pens!
oh yeah - and my book.
Needless to say, it was a very exciting package.


p.p.s. is pretty awesome too!