Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TL turns 10 months old

This time around I attempted to make a little list on my phone of all the most recent quirks of Leeland's character. So, here goes:

He has discovered his little peen and his butt. It's hilarious! Diaper is off - he's scratching away. Bathtime - scratch-fest 2016.

He only wants "adult" food. Two weeks ago we scratched baby food and have moved to all finger foods. Every meal is a challenge, but we're learning.

Loves sugar, so we're reallllllllly not letting him eat junk right now. He can wait until his birthday!!

We have a nice little bedtime routine now. If it's bath night then there is a bath, followed by playtime, teeth brushing, a couple of books, and a little time sitting together before going into his crib. When we walk into the bathroom he gets so excited to brush his teeth, and he's pretty good at turning pages in his books.

He has added a third top tooth - now sporting five teeth total.

Vocabulary includes: Hi, num num (more food please), mom, dada, papa, rawrrrrr, and we're working on "I love you".

He loves to give big, fat, wet kisses and hugs. Loves to play "How Big is Leeland?" and to knock down his block towers.

Big clapper and loves to wave. Still doing well in church, but I swear that he thinks I am a jungle gym.

He's learning to play telephone, but I keep using the remote control. That might get confusing later on. Haha!

Any variation of throwing, swinging, being upside down is preferable for Lee. He a total roughhousing boy, for sure.

He likes to give Angie and Axel loves, but that often quickly turns into scratches and hair pulling too.

He used to love his binky, but now he really only wants it if he is dead tired. He clearly associates it with going to sleep, so he really doesn't love it anymore. Fine by me! We'll see what happens later on that one.

We are about 90% sure that he is right handed, but he wipes his mouth after every bite with his left arm. He's just a weird kid, haha.

He has a new thing where he holds his toys above his head and basically examines them from below. It's too funny!

Still a great napper, and overnight sleeper. He's generally happy and having fun. Not walking, but cruising around everywhere. Crawls super fast to get to wherever it is that he wants to be standing.

We move in about three days to a place with carpet. I suspect he may walk after we get away from tile and hardwood. Those bumps look like they really hurt! We also started swim lessons this week and he is awesome! He loves the water and is very comfortable. A little nervous at first, but by the end of the class he had gone under up to his nose! I was very proud!

Here's to two more months of documenting little dude. Soon he'll be one - my little Tenacious Lee!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

9 months old and heading toward 10!

Leeland turned 9 months old on Christmas Eve! Since then we've been dealing with a pretty awful cold on top of the flu, so there's my reasoning for being so late on this!

Top two teeth are in. That happened shortly after my last month-by-month post. They're super cute and we're not sure if they're far apart because he's a baby or if it's because he got the Rose buckteeth that run in my great-grandmother Lily's genes (and mine!)

He's recently, like in the last few days, become a mega eater. He will eat anything and everything we give him. I love it! Today he had scrambled eggs, fruit, cheerios, brie, jam, green beans, chicken noodle soup, raviolis and broccoli. He's also averages between 20-24 oz of formula a day. 

I think that he truly just noticed that we respond to the things he does. Like, "Oh, I have control here!" UH OH, for us, is all I have to say about that.

He's still cruising around the house. No walking yet. His recent sickness has zapped his interest in talking, so lately he's done a lot of mumbling and whistling. Whistling is his absolute favorite thing right now. He's also really into his baths and reading books. Sometimes he cries when we stop reading. I don't know if it's because he likes to read, or if it's because he doesn't want to go to bed? Who knows?!

What else? He's so inquisitive, so interested in everything that is going on. He claps his hands when he wants more food, and we've noticed that he does a little dance too. It's very cute. Suddenly, he can learn something new in literally 24 hours! We've been trying to test that out with new little cute things like, "How big is Leeland? SO BIG!" and kissing his hands in between bites of food. He also learned how to shake his head on cue, which was too cute!

He likes to pass the ball back and forth with papa Ed, which is adorable, of course, and he's obsessed with giving his food to Angie. UGH!! Riding in the front of the shopping card is obviously really fun for him, and sometimes we race our cart (which may not be so safe, now that I think about it). 

Some days are really hard. He's so hard-headed! One stubborn kid for two stubborn parents, I guess. His schedule is beginning to change too, so we're dealing with that and I am trying to be patient and not an evil mother. 

I can't think of anything else right now. He just keeps on growing, and we are so lucky to have him!