Friday, March 30, 2012

11 Things MEME

Becky tagged me in her 11 things meme. If YOU want to play along, go for it.

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in the post
4. Create 11 new questions for your tagees to answer
5. Tag them on Twitter, Facebook or your blog

11 Random Things About Me:

1. I am a chronic over-spender, but I lecture my husband when he buys
Taco Bell without telling me.
2. If I could add one extra day to my week I would spend it vising my grandmothers. I also wish gas was free.
3. My dad is the one person in my life who literally never gives his opinion on anything, and yet he is the person whose opinion seems to matters most.
4. I hate talking on the phone. I am a huge text message person. However, I think text messaging and internet chatting and blogging are truly horrible things that should not be overindulged.
5. Running sucks. Walking rules. Hiking is way cooler than walking. And hiking with my dog simply rocks!
6. Owning a home and having a family freak me out sometimes, but those are the only two goals in my life that I truly will never give up on.
7. I can't stand having dirt or crumbs or anything on my feet, but my slippers smell like crap. Thanks a lot stink feet.
8. Whenever I hear a sad song that could be played at a funeral I think of my mom and dad and wonder if that song would be suitable for a memorial service. Then I play it again and feel depressed the rest of the day.
9. I have only one friend who I have never ignored via phone / text: Anton. (I'm also a chronic text / phone call ignorer)
10. I think that snail mail rules and I wish I got real mail everyday - even if it's just a drawing or a few sentences.
11. I always finish a project; I rarely like the outcome.
My answers to Becky's questions:

1.What is your favorite hobby/ leisure activity? Hiking. I used to say reading, but now I think it's definitely hiking / adventuring.

2. Favorite musical artists? Oh man. You know.. I've been down in the dumps lately music-wise. I kind of felt myself slipping into this radio music funk. It's not been good. Today's tip: Don't leave your entire music collection in your car - it will be stolen and subsequently sold around the corner at one of the year round garage sales. I don't even want to answer this question right now.

3. What are your favorite blog reads? A Beautiful Mess. Carrotspeak. The B is for Becky.

4. What is your favorite way to kill time? Pinterest and playing with my Angie girl. Oh, and of course, cleaning my house.

5. Favorite nail polish color. I NEVER wear nail polish. EVER. It does not look good on me. The two colors I have ever purchased with my own money: Clear and clear with clear sparkles. HAHA.

6. Tell me about a dream vacation. Back to Hawaii for another two weeks. We went there in 2007 and Anthony and I have been dying to get back. The beauty of it is that you're still on American soil so there's no hassle with passports and language barriers - but it's still so absolutely beautiful and relaxing there. There are two types of trips: Vacations and Explorations. Vacations can involve exploring and Explorations can involve relaxation - but there is a definite distinction. If I go somewhere brand new it's an Exploration, that's why I choose Hawaii almost every time.
7. An item off your bucket list, life long bucket list or yearly bucket list. I just added a brand new item to my bucket list: Learn to skateboard. I know how to do it, but I've never owned my own board or really gotten comfortable enough to skate in front of other people or use it as a preferred mode of transportation. It's happening this year and I'm getting an awesome new green Krooked Zip Zinger at some point to practice on.

8. Recount an embrassing event in your life. So many awful moments to choose from. Maybe the most embarassing (that comes to mind at this moment) is the time that I accidently threw a shoe at Anthony and hit him in a very undesirable area of his body IN FRONT OF his whole family and got yelled at by Joe (his dad) because I couldn't stop laughing about it. Meanwhile, Anthony was on the floor in excruciating pain. It was very embarassing and not fun and just ugh I hate thinking about that moment. ***Side note: Joe has blocked out this memory and pretends it did not happen... good choice***

9. Do you have any nick names? Kels. Wow, real original. Anthony also calls me sugar lips and cookie tush. He's weird.
10. Are you a dessert person? My husband tells me he isn't yet he eats it...hmmm. What's your favorite dessert? I am TOTALLY a dessert person. I love sugar in all forms and I'd prefer dessert over dinner, any day. My favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream. I also love brownies and cookies. I do not like cake, but if it's my only option then I will gladly eat it. Don't bring candy to my house or I will eat it. I am a snacker. It's not as awesome as you might think. Snacking leads to fat. I don't like fat. OK moving on...

11. Where do you love to shop? Target & Old Navy.

11 Questions for YOU to answer:
1. Do you have a 401K?
2. If you could get rid or TV or internet in your house, which would you choose?
3. If you had to eat human hair or animal hair, which would you prefer to bake into a lasagna?
4. Did that last question make you want to vomit?
5. Who do you admire most in your family?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday? What do you do on your birthday?
8. Why do you blog / FB / Tweet?
9. Is there anything in your life that you are positive you only like or have bought because its popularity made it appealing?
10. Do you consider yourself lucky?

I'm tagging Alex, Andie, Carrie, and.... anyone else. (Don't feel obligated)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Just a few bits and pieces from the past couple of weeks...
Hunger Games premier with Jackie and Sam. ^^ SUPER GOOD film, by the way.
Visiting my Gramms with the Mamasan this past weekend. I spent so much time cuddling with Nicky (el perro blanco, above) that when we left on Sunday he walked all over the house crying looking for me!!! Grandma - I know you're going to tell me all about how you hate this photo, but I don't care because I love it!

Taking Angie on walks / runs / skate sessions.
She pulls Anthony along on his skateboard. It's pretty darn cute.
New socks from my mom. Super warm!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunol Regional Wilderness

I couldn't break my hiking streak this past weekend, so before I left to visit my Gramms in Manteca I coerced Robby and Anthony into going on a quick hike in Sunol Friday after work.

We hiked the 3 mile Canyon View trail.

It was seriously TOO easy. But I did add 3 more miles to growing mileage.
03 Sunol Regional Wilderness
11 Nisene Marks
04 Mt. Diablo
08 Mission Peak
02 Yosemite
08 Mission Peak
Total: 36

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mondays with Angie

Happy Monday!!!
Angie loved her monkey so much that she ripped its arms off and ate all of its stuffing. So.. now BFI owns the monkey. I'm pretty sure he is living in a trash pile somewhere.

My dog missed me while I was visiting my grandma.


Check out Brinks @ Carrotspeak

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mondays with Angie

Angie kind of rules our house
And when she's been a bad girl (meaning she tore something up out of the recycling)
she snuggles up and thinks that all is forgotten
..and it usually is..


Sunday, March 18, 2012

EUROPE!!! Part 7

I know.. I know.. It's been two months since I got back and I'm still posting photos of my trip. I want to get through it so I can get these thousands of photos off my computer - it's slow as molasses right now.

At our hotel in Delphi we were not allowed to put toilet paper in the toilet. It was... interesting... 
^^ My first cup of coffee on the trip. 
There were cats everywhere!!

our guide ^^^

On the way from Delphi to Athens we stopped in front of this beautiful town and finally took a group shot with everyone in it. 

Got to our hotel in Athens. 

Random little church in the middle of downtown Athens ^^ with Rutheigh and Nakita

Dinner at Vizantino Taverna
Another Greek Salad!
The next morning we got up bright and early. Here I am at the Olympic Stadium ^^ This is where the first modern day olympics were held. 
Me, Rutheigh, Jamie and Jenn ^^
It was SUPER rainy!

After we left the stadium we headed over to the Acropolis. It was raining so hard but I LOVED it because I get such better pictures in the rain than in the sun. 

Temple of Athena ^^

our guide ^^ Literally had a baby a week before this day. She was a bad ass. 

We got crazy posing with our umbrellas

After that we went over to the Acropolis Museum. They are excavating ruins underneath (pretty sweet!)

and found Mars Hill where St. Paul preached. 

Kay and a stray dog.
There are stray dogs all over Athens and there is a service that keeps them neutered, up to date on their shots and also feeds them. 
They led us around the city all day!
I love green!!!
Hadrian's Arch ^^

our last dinner in Greece. 

Another Greek salad. It was amazing. Seriously. I miss those salads. 

These two roomies were insane our last night. They wanted to stay up all night long and be crazy! I (the mom of our group) was not having it. I kept thinking that if I could just fall asleep I would be able to see Anthony soon!
We said goodbye to Paolo in the airport
and Amanda found a chocolate orange.. we were so happy about that!!

Goodbye Greece. Hello San Francisco!

The end. The trip was amazing. Sorry it took so long for me to finally get to the end of it. If I could redo the trip I would definitely spend one more day in Athens.