Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anthony's Skateboarding Lessons

Ok so we had this awesome idea that Anthony could post Skate Lessons on Craigslist and we got a response! This Tuesday he is having his first lesson! We are so excited! I made him a website using and it is in progress but coming along pretty well.

I'll post the link as soon as it's done.

Oh! And he seems to have sprouted some sort of "blanket do" (hairdo that is) this evening - check my 365 for a pic tomorrow. Oh no - I can't use a picture from today in tomorrow's post - just see this blog then, hehehe!

Goodnight all,


Kelsey as DIO in "Holy Diver"

The last few days my friend Christina has been pretty down. So Anthony and I banded together as artist and director to make her this awesome video. It was so much fun to make! Enjoy!


Hungry? NA-NU, NA-NU

This is the painting I made for the kitchen the other day. It was supposed to say "Hungry? NA-NU, NA-NU" which is something that won't make sense to anyone but me and Anthony but anyway - I was making the stencils for the words and I realized I am just not cut out for this painting thing. The only art I really have any patience with is photography and you know what they say about photographers, right? "A photographer is nothing without his camera" and in this case I was without mine. We decided this should stay up because I took the time to make it - but I will say that Anthony is much better cut out for this than I am.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Skateboards...

The other day I decided I want to make these boards into frames. We're going to use craft wood or left over mini dowels from our room separator project. For now I have them taped up just to see how it would look. I like it!

We've been using the board on the right for holding mail that needs to go out until we get our "POST" sign up - if I ever get back out to the craft stores.

Anyhoo - what do you guys think about this picture frame idea?


Friday, January 23, 2009

oooo oo ooo

I Just realized how cool your name is =D

As the days go by...

"It is best to read the weather
forecast before praying for rain"
- Mark Twain

Hello All -

Not sure what I said last but things are still bumping along...

We've been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. Getting antsy waiting for school to start and our Mr. Camello may have an interview at Zumiez Skate Store Feb 1st!

Mostly I've been working on his Art website because he's been in "The Mode" lately and so I'm trying to get him to do some more commercial stuff to sell on Etsy since he does have a knack for creating weird things that no one really gets.

His Art site can be found Here. It's definitely not done - I haven't added any information for the art yet so check back for updates.

Other than that - just waiting for 7PM - I'm babysitting tonight and tomorrow night and am looking forward to deposting some checks and not making dinner since she feeds me! Whoohoo for that!

Love, Kels

p.s. yay for the rain!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Does Everyone remember what the wall decor used to look like? (minus the bows)

Today I got home and this is what Anthony had done:

I think it has some definite potential! Any ideas?



This how their day has gone:

Kelsey wakes up leaves a note says goodbye and goes to work
Kelsey works
Anthony wakes up reads the note does what the note tells him to do paints a bit leaves a new note and leaves for work fair
Kelsey returns reads the note takes meat out of freezer eats green beans blogs writes new note leaves for work

Who knows what the rest of their Wednesday will bring? More notes? Job opportunities? Spit up? We can pretty much guarantee spit up as Kelsey will be feeding a baby in exactly 40 minutes.

Wish them luck!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you're the kind of girl that would throw an anchor to a drowning man

I just glanced at Anthony and he said, "Yes! I am reading!" What is he reading, you may ask?

"Well-Done Roasts: Witty Insults, Quips & Wisecracks Perfect for Every Imaginable Occasion"

I can't decide whether the way his eyes are racing across each page is exciting or hilarious. Oh wait, it gets better! I just saw him pick his nose. Oh man...

Thank you library!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Job Hunt...

is still on for Mr. Camello

Today we developed a plan called "Go anywhere and everywhere and don't stop til you find a job"

In the spirit of not giving up - Anthony is traveling around town in a grid style doing any and all applications he is given.

What a fun day!

I, on the other hand, am balancing a checkbook and planning dinner which may be leftovers from last nights Mexican Sunday!

Oh how we miss you Cody and Christina!
At least yesterday we got a chance to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.


"When the world says 'Give up',
Hope says 'Try one more time'."
- Author unknown

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You Message Services!

The other day I left a message for Cabrillo letting them know I'd been attempting to enter an English class for over a month with no success and wa-la! Yesterday it happened - I hit Register and it said SUCCESS!

All I can say is "Thank you message services for listening to our long drawn out messages and transmitting them to the desired recipient!"

On another note - Cody and Christina will be joining us tonight for a three day hooplah of fun!

Yippee for friends coming to visit!


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Few Promised Photos

Just a couple to get you by :)
I know it's tough living without us, hehe.

p.s. the weather was awesome today,
hence the shorts and flip flops and the smiles. YAY!


This is one from Anthony and Sarah's birthday dinner in Fremont - isn't it cool?
The beach
Gone with the Wind
The babies sleeping, aren't they so loveable?
He could have worn flip flops but noooooo...

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds
one in its net of wonder forever.”

-Jacques Cousteau

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick Update

"Human beings are the only creatures that
allow their children to come back home."
- Bill Cosby

We are still on the search for jobs. I am doing pretty well with combined babysitting schedules equalling a good enough salary for now. Anthony has an interview Monday morning with a Wildlife company looking for a data entry person. He's still checking back with various companies as well - but no one seems to be hiring, which is understandable.

The last couple of days we were in Fremont with family celebrating two birthdays - Sarah's who is now 7 and Anthony's whose 20th is this coming Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and my mom sent us home with the rest of the food from last night's dinner so we are pretty HAPPY about that.
Plus! Saturday Renee made cinnamon rolls from scratch and they were TASTY!

This week will be another week of working on lining up jobs and also we'll get all of our school stuff finalized in a sense. Still waiting on some of my prior scores to transfer over for me. Cross your fingers that they get there before the class I need fills up.

Maybe I'll post some pictures next time we go for a basketball game or a ride to the beach. For now I will leave you with a link to one of my other blogs "Say What? 365" to make up for the lack of photos in the last couple of posts.

See ya, Kels

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Safeway, how I dislike thee!

I have officially decided that Safeway should change their name to UNSafeway.

I know we are going through a hard time financially as a country but GIVE ME A BREAK! Anthony was finally laid-off a few days ago and I say finally because it has been almost 5 weeks of not knowing whether he was going to be given hours or not.

Now I can say for certain that he's looking AND in need of a job - not that he hadn't been looking all along.

And to top it all off - because he never had his "FIRST" day he never got a chance to fill out certain paperwork ensuring that he would get his paychecks at the right address. Today a man from corporate fixed it all up (so I will give them points for that) and we should be getting his whopping $100 or whatever next week - not that the money is not appreciated.

All I can say is Thank the Lord for children and parents with jobs. Without their need for me I would not have a job either.

At least the weather has picked up enough for a nice game of catch down at the beach.

Now that I think of it I better get going...

Art by Anthony Camello

I know we've all heard it so Anthony has made a little artsy blog for his art.
We're waiting to hear if he can do a 3 week display at a local coffee shop!

{Cross your fingers}

and his regular blog is


Wake Up Sleepy Head!

I just have to say how hilarious I looked this morning.
I got up and Anthony decided I was picture worthy.
The socks really make the outfit, I think.

Can you tell our house is cold?


"Oh no! I should do something...
but I am already in my pajamas"
- Futurama

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Room Divider-Land

“Arguments with furniture are rarely productive.”
- Kehlog Albran

Yay for Anthony and his tool boxes!
Awhile back we went on a trip to IKEA and picked up a few things.
We got this room divider that holds pretty much most of the stuff
we own and makes the kitchen/living room look like a

Here's the set-up minus a whole bunch of yelling and complaining and
finally hugging because the darn thing finally held together!

Sorry this is old - I'm way behind!!!