Wednesday, March 11, 2015

38 weeks // 38 weeks // 38 weeks

Dear Baby Nugget,

I just want you to please exit my body soon so that your dad and I can meet you. We're dying to know if you're a boy or  girl, and if you have hair. We're pretty sure you're human and probably super white and veiny. Your little room is ready, and every single person we know texts us multiple times a day to find our when you're arriving. It's like we're going to Disneyland! I don't sleep anymore, which is probably a mistake, but you don't seem to want me to rest. If you're going to stay in there a little bit longer then I have just one request - please stop punching my bladder. 


That time my mother in law threw a library themed baby shower for baby nugs

This past Saturday my mother in law and my three sister in laws hosted my third and final baby shower! It was library themed, with everything decorated around children's book names. Such a cute idea, am I right? We had such a fun time with everyone, and I am so thankful to everyone who came to spend the day with me and baby nugget. Most of these photos are out of order, but I think life will go on. :)


That time my mom threw a Harry Potter themed baby shower for baby nugs

My amazing mother went above and beyond last month when she hosted an insane Harry Potter themed baby shower for baby nugget and me. It was so much fun! I seriously felt like we were at Hogwarts. Too, too cool. Photos don't do it justice, but here they are - enjoy!