How best to describe oneself? I think that in short little bursts will do:

I'm a chronic overachiever, goal setter, go-getter. It's both a blessing and a curse.

I set unrealistically high expectations for everyone and everything around me. 
Often this leads to disappointment, but sometimes it pans out pretty well.

I try to fill all my downtime with productive actions and thoughts. 
You can almost always find me multi-tasking... or reading a book. 
I try to read everyday, with a goal of 25 books per year. 
Sometimes Most nights HULU and NETFLIX get in the way of progress in this area.

My family and friends are my life. Without them I would be very lost indeed.

I believe that a penny saved is a penny earned. 
I was raised to understand that debt is a choice, and that being able to buy a cup of coffee is a luxury. 
My parents never left us wanting, but I have always earned my way in life. 
If I wanted to purchase something I had to get a job (yes, even at 10 years old) to buy it. 

In no way do I think that I am perfect. The world is changing constantly, and I think that we are too. 
With that being said, I continually strive to better myself. 

I like the phrase "worry gives small things big shadows." 
It's a good reminder not to freak out over every little thing. 
(It try to do this, but I usually fail)

I like to think that I give great advice, of which I almost never follow... at first. 

I am a lover of all things historical, though I especially enjoy American history. 
My guilty pleasure books usually include some piece of historical fiction laced with romance. 
Two for one, am I right?!

I have a degree in History, of which I worked insanely hard to achieve. 
If I could go back I would read more, write more, study more, and sit back and enjoy class more. Life flies by guys...

I'm a Lutheran who fights the battle between sleep and the sermon every Sunday. 
Lee has been good motivation to get up and go on those mornings. 

Some of my favorite characters EVER include Leslie Knope, Dwight Schrute, Charlie Kelly, Peter Bredder, anyone and everyone in Dumbledore's Army (especially Hermione and Dumbledore himself), Igor from Young Frankenstein, and so many countless others that to go on would really show how much TV I've watched in my lifetime. *Hint* It's too much. 

I enjoy most every type of music, but if I had to pick one "genre" for desert island I would have to pick classic rock (1960-1979ish). 
I just made a huge commitment with that statement, and now I'm really nervous about it. 

I love a good cup of coffee, an ice cold beer (preferably from Drake's, Das Brew, 21st Amednment, or Sierra Nevada), and if I'm home alone  and looking for a good time binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer - white wine will do just fine. 

Family is everything in life, so I make it a point to see my in laws and my parents at least once a week. You just never know when the day will be someone's last.

AND... for fear of going on too long I'll end this here for now. 


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Unknown said...

I love this. I'm so proud of your blog. It's inspiring me...maybe I should make one? I miss you!

Love, Tina