Wednesday, May 29, 2013

San Diego aka "The Semester is Over - LET'S GO!!!"

We headed down to San Diego town last Tuesday for a five day trip in celebration of the end of the spring semester. We got a super cheap flight from Southwest that I couldn't pass up, and I was unwilling to pay astronomical prices for a rental car (we're not 25 yet, so apparently the rental companies think they can fool us into paying them more money), so we took the MTA bus and trolley around. This was the best idea ever because we only paid $5/day each to for unlimited rides, and their buses come every fifteen minutes from 5 am to 12am. OK, enough about the bus, I know!

Anyway, I really want to pump up all the good places we stayed, visited, and ate so I'm just going to list them all off for anyone reading this:

San Diego Airport - reminds me of OAK
Rodeway Inn (Pacific Beach) - Go stay there. It's $70-90/night and it's the cleanest outdoor hotel you will ever find. Great service, great price, clean rooms, free breakfast, 24 hour coffee and tea. I dig it.
Crystal Pier Beach / Pacific Beach - loved it. Great relaxing spot. You can surf there too.
Kono's Cafe in PB - Cheapest, home cooked style food. Really yummy! Go there for breakfast.
710 Beach Club in PB - Laid back beach bar. Club-ish at night.
Tuesday Farmer's Market in PB - Small and not worth it. Good prices, though.
Taco Surf - $2 tacos.
Coldstone - Anthony had to go here. Same as everywhere else.
The Baked Bear - Ice cream sandwiched between your choice of homemade cookies. $3.50 or so for one. Heaven in a dessert. So amazing!
Memorial Skate Park in the Barrio - Nice park. No seating. Whatevs.
Hodad's Downtown - good music, good beer, good food. Anthony called it a skater, punk restaurant. It was one of the best burgers I've ever had, and the people were nice too.
Gaslamp Quarter - Do you have a ton of money to burn? Then don't go here!
Mission Brewery Tasting Room - super relaxed and reasonably priced. We'd go back in a heartbeat.
Old Town State Historic Park - Puts all the other historic parks I've been to (Columbia, Sacramento, and Monterey) to shame! It's so well done, huge, and full of people!
Little Italy - This place really did remind me of Italy. I loved the food we had and the relaxed feel to the place. Also, the little grocery store was so cute!
Filippi's Pizza Grotto - YUM, YUM YUM! If you can find it, you should go there. It's kind of hidden in the back of the grocery store that's attached.
Pacific Beach Alehouse - Great beer and even better food. I loved this place, which was a pleasant surprise considering it looks so commercialized.  
Route 44 Skateshop - Just go to your local skateshop. They're all the same anyway.
Balboa Park - I want to go back so bad! I LOVED this place so much. Museums, fountains, grass, art, flowers.. a zoo!
Joe's Crab Shack - overpriced and even more commercialized than Bubba Gump's. Crab is good no matter where you go, but still.
Pacific Beach Shore Club - Breakfast was eh. Full of bros, eh.

WOW, we did a lot in 5 days.
The photos (all from my iPhone. I didn't use my camera - whoops!)

spot a BHS sticker?

sunburn!! whoops