Monday, July 2, 2012

Well... It's JULY

It's July 2nd, my friends
That means that in approximately 1.5 days we will be on the road
I won't be blogging...
partially because this blog has kind of gone to crap
partially because I want to focus on having fun and enjoying this beautiful country we live in
and partially because I'm too lazy
it's the truth

I am so excited to meet
Portland, Seattle, Montana, South Dakota, Yellowstone, Denver, Salt Lake... and all the places in between
wish us a safe trip :)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY American Flag Tank Top

I saw an awesome American flag tank top on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate for July 4th. Here's my take on this easy project. 
Buy a white t shirt from your local craft store. I wear a small, so I bought a medium to allow for a bit of leeway when cutting it into a tank top. Also, grab red and blue craft paint. 
Cut up your shirt. You can do it regular tank top style, or racerback. Up to you. 
I drew a bunch of starts in varying sizes and taped them to the shirt. They were not perfect by any means. Then I used painters tape for the stripes. 
paint your stars area blue and your stripes area red. Pull off the tape and the stars. VOILA!
easy peasy and super cute!!