Saturday, April 30, 2011

Homework.. AGAIN?!?!

Good morning world
This is my 6 am hair
It's not pretty
but today is looking like a pretty fantastic day
sans husband :(
who is in Tahoe
while I'm stuck doing homework
with the cat.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Pen Pal Post #2



You can visit Annie @ PassionatelyCuriousBlog


Easter two.thousand.eleven

We headed out Sunday back home for Easter


We stopped off in Manteca to visit my Grandma and some family on my side before we headed to Pleasanton to spend the day with Anthony's family
Mary (who is probably going to hate me for posting this photo)
and Jacqueline
Sarah, Jacqueline, Anthony, Jane and my feet

Jacqueline looks... confused??
wow.. it looks like no one was there. I guess everybody was in the house...

Joe and Ant
my bub

I love you to death and back

I think it's safe to say that one of my all time favorite places to be is Yosemite National Park
It's the only national park I have been to and I go at least once a year ever since my dad took Ant and I for the first time in 2008

We embarked on our Easter weekend trip Friday night - drove up to the cabin for a morning hike to Vernal Falls - with plans of spending Sunday back in the Bay with family.
Our newest tradition: Starbucks must always accompany us on a night trip

I talked Anthony into a photo shoot

I ❤ this one
We played a little Pictionary
Above: Anthony can draw anything and I will guess it. He has a special ability... he can draw.
Above: I cannot. How sad. 

and in the morning headed for the park (about a 40 minute drive East)

There was snow EVERYWHERE except the valley floor. Everyone thought I was crazy for wearing shorts but it wasn't cold at all!

I don't own hiking boots. It's tough hiking in Converse let me tell you

It always ends up being a day where you wonder why you ever wasted time on blow drying your hair, you know?

Goodbye... until next time.

And.. my favorite thing in the entire cabin - the massive gold mirror by the door. Always there when you need it. 

Next up... Easter