Tuesday, December 23, 2014

be merry, have another drink, and karaoke!!

This past Saturday we had our annual Christmas party! I really shouldn't say "our" Christmas party, because we're lucky enough to have a group of friends that divy up the four major holidays so that no one person has to throw four parties between October 31st and January 1st. But anyway, this year we had Christmas!!

We had so many people come out who made this party really so much fun. Thanks to my borrowed in laws - the Zamoras - we were able to set up a karaoke machine in the living room. My initial idea was to have a talent show ala that scene in "Dan In Real Life", but no one was into it. Well, two people were into it... and they brought both their talent game and their capacity to sing ballads with them that night! 

I went around all night making sure people were drinking so that we could have a true karaoke night, because how many people are willing to sing sober? Not many. 

Favorite moments of the night include: Bohemian Rhapsody, Andie and my rap duet, and Robby's toast to Jason and Alyssa. People just keep pulling major life decisions this year don't they?! Next year it JAM PACKED with adult activities with all these wonderful people. 

Rissa's talent was amazing. She said, "I need whipped cream, but don't worry, I won't get naked!" hahaha

Erica the juggler!

Bonnie was really into the Michael Jackson songs.

B-Man and Alex did a duet of "Beat It", and Bryan knew too many of the moves for me to count haha

Chile stole this corner for this express dancing pleasure :)

As always, Marissa brought her dancing game. That girl can get down!

Root beer, anyone?!

We are always the ones forcing people to take group shots. Oh you people always want the photo afterwards, now don't you!

I made a tiny little photo area with crepe paper and paint, but the lighting was HORRRRRIBLE. Sorry guys. At least we have them, yellow tint or not.

Alex and I as friends.

And... Alex and I as lovers hahahahahaha

1 day til Christmas!!


Monday, December 22, 2014

city lights + funktown DJs

The weekend before last we continued our Christmas tradition of visiting the city for a trip to Lefty O'Douls and the Union Square Christmas Tree. I really love this bar because it reminds me of Crowley's (the made up pub that the gang hang out at in "My Boys"), but also because it's a tradition to visit each year and that alone makes it fun! 

Our first year we went out with Rissa, Erica and Troy. That night ended in complete and utter drunkenness, not to be complete without a last minute trip to the Burger King bathroom - as a group - just before heading home on Bart. 

The second year we went out with Bryan and Alex. Somehow we ended up at the Burger Bar above Union Square. The view was amazing, but the price tag was not attractive. That night also ended in drunkenness as I remember drinking one or two too many Anchor Steam's that night. 

This year we headed out with the Brady Bunch 6 (soon to be 7!). For the first time we actually ate at Lefty's. After checking out the tree we ended up in a place called the Library Bar. It was very chill, a little too quiet for us, and definitely too pricey. I think Anthony bought a cocktail for $18. "Holy shit!" is what I say to that. From there we snuck over to a bar in the Mission and danced to some funky tunes in their back room, and headed home on Bart, but not before a stop to Kettle's Monk, I mean Kettle Monk's, I mean Monk's Kettle... hahahaha Bryan!!! Bonnie got snooty with the bartender, which was intense. He had a ponytail and he was kind of rude. Snooty got a taste of his own medicine, am I right? And... Brylex, Anton and I finished the night at Ihop in Union City. What can I say, at 3AM, after not drinking all night I wanted some g-darn stuffed french toast. 

So.. to traditions!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

candy pieces, hot glue + WINNERS

Last Tuesday the Camello fam got together to decorate gingerbread houses. If you haven't noticed already, each Christmas we have kind of an insane list of events and activities. It makes Christmas really fun.... and really stressful too - kind of like everything else we do. 

All you really need to know about this evening is that Jacqueline and I are master decorators, and so our house won the unofficial contest. Art deco necho walls forever!

(most photos by Jacqueline, some by Katie)

9 days to go!