Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jeff + Leslie tie the knot!

This past Saturday we celebrated the wedding of two people who clearly could not be more meant for each other! Congratulations to Jeff and Leslie... who got DOWN on the dance floor! You will not find any photos of the bride and groom in this post, because us Camellos are apparently very vain and selfish.☺ You can trust me when  I say that they were perfectly happy that day. 

snapping the belly as per usual 
Making G Daddy jealous of our wedding fun

dancing queens! Mom of the groom is in blue. I think she had a good time ;)
There was a cookie bar. Enough said, right?


Friday, November 14, 2014

thoughts + grumblings at 21 weeks

oh hey, we pose in exam rooms when the doctor leaves.
One of the major things that I have noticed about pregnancy is the fact that it's kind of all ecompassing. I often find myself thinking solely in terms of "the belly". To be honest, it's hard not to do so. I look down and there it is! I shift in my seat and realize, yep, I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN. My stomach grumbles and I think, was that the baby or am I hungry? And then there's that pesky heartburn creeping up in between every single meal. My pants are too tight, and this super fun acne is the newest, most undesirable addition to my face. Let's not forget the 24/7 carpal tunnel either. That's just fun times. Then there's wardrobe choices. Boots are cute for a cool, rainy day (when we get one every once in awhile here in California), but sitting in boots, socks, and jeans in the tiny office I work in sounds like Sweat-Fest 2014.
And the never-ending stomach grumbling is just plain annoying. I love food. I'm an eater, but I've never had a major problem keeping my weight down. Lately though, I'm just packing on the pounds. I'm starting to feel really, really huge. My frame is very small. Where is all this weight supposed to go?!

My point isn't to sit here listing my myriad grievances (though I can certainly keep going), it's to try to explain why I may not be quite myself lately. I'm not just Kelsey, I'm Kelsey and little baby nugget. It's not just Ant and Kels, it's Ant and Kels and little baby nugget. Each conversation we share may not start with the topic of baby, but it almost certainly will end on it. If we're talking dinner I have to think about what I ate the rest of the day. Did I already cheat at lunch and splurge on candy? If so, no, I don't want pizza for dinner. If we're talking about watching HULU on the iPad or the TV, it's the difference between sitting up or laying down for a few hours, so is it my legs that hurt or my back? Everything in my life right now is laced with this underlying factor of me-growing-baby.
You might be thinking to yourself, "Man, I feel bad for her husband." Well don't. I might be complaining sentence in and sentence out in this post, but at home I haven't increased the complain factor (too much). Don't get me wrong; I'm a straight up pro at whining. However, I'm not trying to burden every person around me with every ache and pain I'm feeling. That's reserved for whoever is reading this post at the moment. Hehe
And I don't want to be that person who can only talk about being pregnant. There are so many other things that are also going on in my life. Friends and family, please don't let me lose sight of all the other awesome stuff going on right alongside the awesomeness of this little baby. On the other hand, don't take any of this to mean that I don't like being pregnant. It's truly a miracle that our bodies can do this, and I don't take any of it for granted.

So, in hopes of being more than just a pregnant lady on a rant, I want to express the truth that while I am more than just "me" right now, I am also doing more than just making a tiny human. I have a job 3 days a week; I'm the sole purchaser and cook in our house, and my two days a week off are usually filled with little other than the cleaning and organizing of the house. I live with a pig, guys. A very cute, yet funny and extremely loving pig. I volunteer at our church and our city's local history museum - both of which include additional work, energy, and lots of time spent in meetings. I'm also working on a paid position at the museum to supplement my regular job, and when that happens it's sayonara to my two days off.
Aside from all of these things being overwhelming at times, I wouldn't change or remove any of them from my life. In the little true downtime I have I like reading, sewing, and watching TV. My biggest struggle right now is getting outside for a walk. It' Not really, I'm just Mrs. Lazy Bones lately. So I will keep on keeping on. We're only halfway, and this baby's about to get bigger and bigger and bigger... and after that... it's real guys. This adventure will be over, and the next one will begin. Goodbye aches and pains, and hello late night feedings. Whoa.
So that's it. This is what I was thinking about today.
If you made it to this point, congratulations.☺

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

20 weeks // 20 weeks // 20 weeks

Well, we've made it to the halfway mark!! The next five months hold many things for us - some of it is unknown, I'm sure - but I know I can count on a very active bladder, and lots of little kicks below my belly button! Thanks baby nugget.☺
16 weeks // 20 weeks
A few photos from the last couple of weeks:
I've started walking again. I'm not quite hitting everyday, but shooting for it!!
Angie is definitely happy about it too :)

My favorite pajamas aren't going to fit me for much longer! Dad, I need new jammy pants!
It cracks me up how this old Misfits tee is stretching around my bump and making it look 3D.

Baby's first democratic selfie. Hehe

Things that I didn't bargain for when we decided to grow this little baby (just to name a few):
restless legs (forget sleeping at night); constant hunger but being told not to snack too much;
how much I'd actually miss my daily coffee and/or alcoholic beverage
Things that are really cool about being pregnant (just to name a few):
people are generally pretty happy to see you; your midsection getting bigger is widely expected, and it makes people happy;
you can get out of almost anything by using the same excuse - "I'm not supposed to be doing that."
Happy Friday from me to you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

costumes + beer

Our friends Robby and Bonnie hosted this year's Halloween costume party out in San Ramon. Lucky for the people in my car, I'm a designated driver for at least another 5 months... likely longer. 

The party was essentially a beer-fest for the drinkers, and a chip and dip eating-fest for me. Seeing everyone's costumes was a lot of fun, as always, though I can't lie about my disappointment in the lack of a contest (ROBBY!!). 

Thanks for hosting another fun party!

Zuit Suit Man and Randy Marsh

Hillbilly, Randy, Bearded Lady, and Kramer

Me as Raggedy Ann

Strong Man on the left

Bonnie looked cute, as always!

Skele-girl and Ace Ventura

Life-Sized Dolls

The Cop and her Monkey Man

The Robber and the Carpenter

The traditional Bryan/Kelsey Halloween photo. Not quite up to par, but better than nothing!!


Monday, November 3, 2014

tink, elsa + mr. t

Halloween this year was too much fun with all our little nieces and nephews dressed up for trick or treating!

Little Ry went as Tinkerbell, with mom and dad dressed up as Wendy and Peter Pan. They were so cute in their family costume.

Twinnies Sebs and Scar showed up at Grandma and Grandpa's house as Mr. T and Elsa from Frozen. It was too funny watching Des try to get makeup on Sebastian's face. He just wasn't having it.

I CAN'T WAIT to see what everyone dresses up as next year when there are TWO MORE kids to add to  the mix.