Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I got home from school and realized the house was pretty disgusting (as it frequently is because this is place is so small that one cup sitting in the wrong area looks horrible) so I made a TO DO list and Anthony decided he wanted to decide who did what

Yes I know vacuum is spelled wrong.

I don't think a living room could possibly get any smaller
And now I guess I should unveil my surprise. Jacqueline keeps calling me to see what it is and I told her IT'S NOTHING REALLY. I found this on freecycle and picked it up a few streets away. It is so much fun to use!

Well. Goodnight all. I am starting Sense and Sensibility tonight so I better go find it on my shelf and get to it.


Theme Thursday: FIRE

When I was a kid I always wanted advice from my dad. I think that I'm still that way. Anything my dad likes I tend to gravitate towards. Well when I was in elementary school my dad told me that I had to read this book he read in fifth grade. I was always a reader so of course I was excited! The book was "Fahrenheit 451". I don't remember actually reading the book at that time. I think I read it later on - maybe when I was 13 or 14. I loved it! I read it again in high school and now I'm wondering why it's not on my shelf with all the other books I re-read among the bajillion I have yet to pick up. Hmm... well in any case. Enough about me, what about the book?

- Written by Ray Bradbury
- Bradbury was born in Waukegan, IL (one of my most hated places in this world)
- The book is not about censorship. It's truly about the way television has made people see the world. Literature is not regarded the way it used to be and neither is information. The world is comprised of "facts". Interesting since I just read Neil Postman's book about the same concept.
- 451 is not actually the temperature at which books with self-ignite. It is almost double that degree in reality.

Everyone in their lifetime should pick this book up and take a look at it; read a couple pages and realize who awesome it truly is. Then... find another Bradbury to read.


p.s. Sorry I don't do reviews - I'm not very good at them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Did all the Pinks Go?

I hid them from Anthony. I will now be finding a new spot. Goodness - the sacrifices I make for this blog. :)
Found an ugly duckling Starburst and fell in love. I love it when you get a messed up one.
Today Anthony brought home this awesome e-mail his boss sent out to the other employees at his new job. Isn't it adorable?

This is how we rock the tic-tac-toe hahaha

And another day at the beach. Taken a few days ago when Anthony's brother was out. I know my shirt is cute - you don't have to tell me that.

Love, Kels

p.s. I still haven't talked about my surprise!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess What?!?!?!

Yesterday Anthony found out that he got the job at the publishing company here in Santa Cruz!!! Today was his first day and I don't think I've ever seen him so peppy. He actually said the words "I want to go to work" and "I'm glad I have something for me to do FINALLY" as we planned our day that's schedule actually included "Anthony at work". It's amazing how much we take for granted until we don't have that certain thing any longer. Sometimes I think things are never going to look up and then it all turns around and everything looks right again. Maybe we're crazy - or maybe we're just lucky.

Anyhoo... I recently found out that my brother Tommy might be moving back up to the Bay Area this summer so I am MEGA EXCITED. I love my brother and I wish he didn't live so far away (Down in Carlsbad). Last night he came down (he's visiting in Fremont right now) with his friend Dave and took Ant and I out to dinner and for a walk along the Wharf. It was a nice night - if you weren't indoors that is. We spend a good 10 minutes looking for the camera and then forgot it in the car when we went to meet them. I was pretty focused on my stomach at that point.

Also, I have a million things to be doing right now and yes I just watched a movie instead of starting on any of it. I can't bring myself to do anything relating to homework in this heat. Looks like another day for a swim down at the beach and a night for homework.

How lucky I am to live here.
Thank the Lord for Anthony's job.


p.s. Pictures of recent to come soon -
I'm too lazy to move off the couch at the moment.

Also - I find this quote oddly appropriate as I just finished
"The Jane Austen Book Club" -
plus it's about 90 degrees outside.

"What dreadful hot weather we have!
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
-Jane Austen

Sunday, April 19, 2009

86 Degrees and Counting

It is 86 Degrees in my house right now!
I am home alone because I am supposed to be doing homework and the Sharks + Homework just do not happen
Anthony is in San Jose eating it up with David and Nicole at some Restaurant and watching the game
Tonight I am all alone and enjoying the peace and quiet
However, the heat is killing me and NO it is not natural. The darn wall heater won't shut off and I am going insane. I am giving it ten more minutes before I call our landlords.

As for now I will continue to sit on the couch next to this open door with the breeze that feels so nice and pretend I am at the beach where I wish I could be right now because I can hear kids running around outside and doesn't that sound just remind you of kids playing in the water and running barefoot on the beach?

Isn't this so cool? Found at: Apartment Therapy? Not sure.

Well... that's all for now

except... a lyric I am very much enjoying lately:
"I wanna be the house that you were raised in - the only place that you feel safe."
-Bright Eyes


Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day to Explore

Yesterday Anthony and I decided it was a nice day so we should get out of the house and off our butts. We were planning on going out to this place my dad told us about - it's called The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. Anthony has been mountain biking through there a few times so he thought I would like to walk through it and take some photos. Well on our way we picked up a very exciting treat (I'll come back to that in another post) and realized we were closer to another place I'd never been - Pleasure Point which has some pretty interesting history but anyway - we decided to go by there. We went for a nice long walk and spent some time up on a few cliffs watching people walk their dogs and surf.

After we came home for some ham, potato salad, and candy (thanks moms) we went down to the Seabright area to take a walk over the famous Railroad bridge and walk along the Boardwalk. Can you believe I've never walked over the bridge featured in The Lost Boys? Crazy, I know. And then we learned that in 2007 the city displayed the movie on a huge screen in front of the Boardwalk. I wonder if they will do that again - how fun that must have been.

But anyway - here are some pictures from the day:

"History teaches everything, including the future"
- Alphonse de Lamartine

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Legion of Honor - San Francisco

On Saturday Anthony and I took the girls to the Legion of Honor and the De Young Museums in San Francisco. I don't know for sure about Jacqueline - but Anthony and Sarah had a horrible time and did their best to ruin it for the rest of us. I really couldn't ask for much more from a bored 7 year old but... Anthony, seriously?!

It was still worth it for me though as I am completely obsessed with pre-modern art right now.
Here's a recap of the day:

We got locked out of the car immediately upon arrival. We waited over a hour for the tow-truck and kept ourselves busy by playing hand games from elementary school.
So cool!
This place is humongous
In front of the fountain
This is at the De Young - it is an installation made of pieces of an old Baptist church that was burned down. This was just about the only thing I liked at the De Young.
Adam and Eve in Eden
An Illuminated Manuscript - this thing is huge!
De La Robia
One of my favorite El Grecco's
El Grecco's painting of St. Francis I believe
I'm not sure but I think this is a deposition painting of Jesus but I don't see any blood.

I also go to see a special exhibit of Faberge, Tiffany, and Lalique but we couldn't take photos in there. Tiffany and Co. made some pretty beautiful stuff back in the day and they are still very popular today (Tiffany lamps) as well as the Faberge eggs that everyone loves.

Ahhh... to be an artist at the turn of century - what it must have been like.


Cat Recap

I realized today that I have mass amounts of cat photos that I have yet to blog about. I know my millions of readers come here solely for the photos of my two beautiful kitties. So... here is your daily fix:
Best friends
We read together quite often
Mr. Model
Mrs. Model
Best seat in the house
"Excuse me! I am a little busy here!"
So comfy
Shhh Mommy go back to sleep
It was too hot for running around this day
I have a video to follow about this photo.
I am asleep and Axel has decided to use my face as a pillow.


p.s. Does anyone else think it's a bit hilarious how many photos there are of Axel sleeping with me? You'd think that is all I do.

Marble Easter Eggs

Last week I found this idea for dying Easter Eggs at Barefoot Kitchen Witch. I loved the idea so I tried it on Saturday.

After 14 hours in the fridge dying

As you can see - my eggs look like they were peeled by the likes of this guy:

I have now learned to use older eggs when hard boiling. I think I will try this again next year and also THIS IDEA from Lolly Chops. Very cute and a cool idea!


Easter 2009

This Easter was pretty awesome. Friday my family and I went to the Good Friday service at church. Everything about it was amazing. It may have been the most moving service I have ever been to - which is saying quite a bit for someone whose been to church every week since they were born. I had the urge to watch "The Passion" afterward but didn't get around to it while home so my mom let me borrow it. I'm not too into the weird demon-like parts of the film - but it's a very good depiction of what Jesus went through that day and the day to follow.

Anyhoo... here's a recap of the events:

Anthony turned into a bunny. Amazing right?
We watched Eddie and Joey play beer pong. I know - on Easter - I know.
Joey had to get cocky as always
My aunts and I attempted to take a good photo together

Then I forced the girls (minus the youngest) to take a photo with me!
My mom insisted on parafin waxing everyone's hands. I thought it would be pretty memorable twenty years from now to look at this photo of my gramsy and me.
Then Mary's hand shrunk and her other one developed some odd form of carpel tunnel or something. (Sarah's behind her - tehe)

Overall it was a very fun Easter. Oooooh! Also - I had no soda or candy that day. I am so awesome! Too bad I brought a whole bunch home and somehow I end up with candy after every meal. Necessity, right?