Friday, March 27, 2009

New Apartment

I don't think I ever went into the reasons why we moved to Santa Cruz, did I?

First, we love it here and it's such a drag driving through the mountains every time you want to get to the beach so we thought hey! why not live there?

Second, community college is pretty versatile so moving here didn't affect school.

Third, our good friend Carrie (who was my teacher in high school and whose son I've been watching for two years) and her husband own an apt. here.

We didn't get to move into that space originally because the last occupant's lease doesn't go up til May 1st. Well, May 1st is a-coming and we are a-moving! This place is literally on the beach and in between two lakes (one being the harbor). I AM SO EXCITED! More info to follow because I don't want to say toooooooo much until we move in.

But I will say that this place is huge compared to where we are now and Anthony's first comment was, "Now my family can stay late at Capitola during the summer and sleep at our house!" What a good son!


Funky Free Sofa

Freecycle is awesome! After work on Wednesday Anthony and I went by a house down the way and picked up this couch! It was absolutely free. It's arms are up right now but they fold down and the back folds down as well to create a bed. Pretty cool, right?

Plus - it's a funky red color and our new apartment (Oh, I guess I haven't talked about that yet have I? OOPS!) is much larger so we will have space for this extra couch. Yipee!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One last thing for tonight...

I have officially read 14 books this year.
read 2 a month this year (24 this year).
At this rate I should have met my goal
by the end of May.
Maybe I should double it?
What do you think?


p.s. my list is at the bottom right of the blog

Redbox is Awesome!

I don't know if they have Red Box all over the country but in California people can go to their local grocery store and rent a movie for only a $1 if they return it by 9 PM the next night. Anthony discovered that you can get a free movie every Monday with a code and during March I found out you can get a free one on Wednesdays with a code as well. Check out all the movies we have seen for FREE in the past couple months:

Iron Man
The Hulk
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Rocker
Pineapple Express
Step Brothers
Love Guru

Can you tell we like stupid-funny movies?
I must say - Red Box might be my best friend here in the Santy Crooz. That's actually a little sad. hehehe. Plus my mom let us borrow the Mission Impossible movies and we've been hooked for a week. Tom Cruise is very good.


Anthony's Art

Updated the art site. These were done about a month ago but I obviously haven't been paying Blogger enough attention lately. Anthony has officially run out of things to paint with and on I think.

Go here to check it all out. buy some. it will make us smile :)


Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax Season

Tonight Anthony and I switched off doing our taxes. It was quite a joy!
Well... not really. But it was fun to make this while Anthony worked on his return:

This is a little heart montage of all the things we both love (bear in mind that I was limited to whatever Photoshop Elements had to offer me)
- Cats
- Dogs
- Puzzles
- The Ocean
- Cupcakes
- Grapes
- Cheese
- Christmas
- Driving
- Music
- Mountains
- Biking
- Campfires
- Travel

The list goes on...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Actual Update:

Things that have happened since my last "real" post:

in no particular order

- Anthony painted one of Renee's mom's old chairs which I am SO HAPPY ABOUT. They are the perfect size for me. Another to follow hopefully

- I joined the Santa Cruz freecycle YIPEE
- Anthony got a job YIPEE!!!
- The Camellos came down to visit and we got locked out of the house (by no fault of our own) and the locksmith was obsessed with cats JUST LIKE ME
- I decided to go for the Art History scholarship I've been thinking about
- We finally hung the dish towels Sarah gave me up as curtains (awaiting a spring tension rod)

- We found these unwanted cube storage thingys outside of someone's house and towed them home on our bikes
- My computer decided I've filled it to the brim and now it is angry with me
- We started planning my grandparents' anniversary par-tay
- I realized SJSU is a good school and I'm thinking I might go back in a year or so - since they do forgive mistakes :)

Not much else has changed.

oh yeah - I'm not doing any of my other blogs anymore except this one.

Maybe I will update Anthony's art site soon since there are new paintings

Like the new header? Anthony made it. I was going for something less... like it is but I've learned to love it.


Back in Action

I'm not really sure why I'm sitting her typing because I have no desire to blog AT ALL
Don't hate me blog people - I don't hate you. I just don't want to go back to what I was doing three weeks ago:

I got stuck in this cycle of blogging every waking moment - or reading a blog, talking about a blog, checking my blog, my e-mail, my facebook. What had happened to me?!! AHHHHH

I realized I hadn't been spending any time outside or outside of the internet really so I went back to reading [and pretty much avoided the television too (( aside from free movie Mondays and Wednesdays))] and then guess what happened?

I READ FOUR BOOKS IN ONE WEEK! Three of which were over 300 pages. I know I wanted to get away from sitting in front of a computer but to tell you the truth people: my elbows hurt from leaning so much.

To top it all off I still haven't really been outside.

What has my life come to? So tonight I will finish the book I am reading and then resolve to only read a couple chapters a day of my next book (except when the kids I watch go to sleep at night or take naps, then of course I will read my little heart out)

and I will also resolve to blog when I want to but get my butt outside as well.

because I can't live in this world of Edwards and Bellas and Bills and Sookies. I think I started to forget who Anthony was - he became a sort of mix between all of them with his hilarious humor thrown in. Sick, right?

I need to see a shrink


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theme Thursday: ANIMAL

Sadly my life has been lacking in the blog sense (because I've actually been doing my homework) (and reading books) (and visiting family). Anyhoo.... I've only had one post in between the last Theme Thursday and now so all you Theme Thursday lovers should be happy that I did not forget you as well.

Animal is the theme this week and I've got nothing. It seems that I've taken no new pictures of my cats (weird, right?) so you will have to do with a list.

(but don't really matter because I love them too much):

- Steal my magnets
- Break fragile blinds which I do not own
- Eat and ask for more
- Drink my water
- Wait outside the shower so I trip over them while getting out
- Sit on my keyboard
- Claw to get into my bed at night
- Bite my toes
- Steal my food when we leave for too many days
- Eat my books while I read

(Yes I do have a few)

- I love them
- They love me back
- They wait for me in the window
- They love each other
- They are funny
- They stand on their hind legs
- They bring me mice, happily
- They lay in sun
- They are relaxing to watch
- They are good models
- They stretch
- They endure us picking them up 24/7


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


“Procrastination is the bad habit of
putting of until the day after tomorrow
what should have been done the day
before yesterday.”

-Napoleon Hill

"reasons why I have not been updating"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Theme Thursday: GLASS

It's Thursday again and we all know what that means.... THEME THURSDAY.

I was really excited about this one when it was announced - but now I'm struggling to come up with something to say.

Last week I posted my jar of glass pieces that Anthony and I have collected the last few weeks from the beach.

I decided that today I'll share what my plan is for these pieces.
Most of them are brown and green so I thought it would be fun to make a mosaic out of them for Christmas. I'm going to try and do a Christmas tree and then use the white pieces (and the few other colors we found) for ornaments and such.

Of course it won't be as skilled as something like this:

Empress Theodora Wall Mosaic from the San Vitale Ravenna, Italy (526 - 547 AD)

But who knows? Maybe it will turn out to look nice. Nice enough for me anyway.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picture Frame Jewelry Display Case

I recently found this post on Dollar Store Crafts for a new way to hold jewelery. I hate looking through my jewelry box because I can never find my necklaces and when I do finally locate one it is always wrapped around ten other things.

This cost me NO MONEY so I am very excited about it!

A friend recently gave me a bunch of her old clothes. I loved this tank top for the pattern but not to wear - so I cut it up. ssshhh!

I traced the frame backing onto the back of the fabric - this is one of the frames from the boxes in the last post.
Then I cut the square out
and used spray adhesive to attach it the the back of the frame (I also added cardboard in between so the tacks would stay in)
Doesn't it look so good?
I added tacks and hung my necklaces and some bracelets
No more digging through the jewelry box!


Two BIG Boxes of Frames

The other day Anthony and I picked up two huge boxes of various frames (a lot of them brand new) from a lady in Capitola. THANK YOU CRAIGSLIST!


Photo Catch Up

I'm a bit behind with photos on here. So here's a little catch up on what's been going on around here:
Axel and I had a photo shoot
These two fell asleep together AGAIN
Axel wore a big white robe.. hehehe...
Rosie acted as a newborn baby
Then I got in on the sleep action
Today Anthony took some photos out by the Surf Museum
Brian was down so we hung with him at the Boardwalk
The other day I held my baby boy. He loves to sit like this - he's a weirdo.
And we took a family photo
They are so adorable
Anthony swam like a mermaid
And played in the sand at the beach hahaha
Then I fell asleep with Axel all tucked in
I know that we're weird and that we take too many photos of the cats, but what can I say? We love them! Can you imagine what it will be like when I have kids. OH BOY!


Free Stuff!

Today I received a sample in the mail for Quaker's new "True Delights" snack bars. IT WAS SO YUMMY it's really too bad I don't go out and buy that sort of stuff. It was packed with chocolate chunks and raspberry chunks. So good!

And the other day Anthony and I used our coupon for a free Suave product to go out and get some conditioner. It's "Ocean Breeze" or something like that - so fun to wash my hair with - I pretend the ocean actually does smell that good. Too bad it's more like fishy-sea-weed-rain-water out there.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Anthony's Work Goes up Downtown

Yesterday Anthony and I went down to MOTIV - a new Restaurant Lounge downtown to hang some of his work. It took forever to find the right spots for everything! It was so much fun to do and I only hope he gets more opportunities like this in the future.

Doesn't it look so good?
To see any of these up close go to