Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EUROPE!!! Part 6

It has really taken me awhile to get to the tail end of the trip here. Life kind of happened recently and school took over my life (as usual). OK here we go...
Our next stop was Olympia in Greece. I was really, super excited about checking out the place where the original Olympic games were held.
Me and Rutheigh ^^
The Philippeion &&
our guide ^^

Where the torch is lit before each olympic games (near the Temple of Hera) ^^
The arch leading into the olympic track ^^
Racing on the olympic track ^^ (I didn't race - my feet were literally frozen solid)
This is where the priestess sat to oversee the games. She was the only woman allowed in the olympic games. Naturally, I had to take a photo with it.

Brenda and Kay ^^
Here I am standing on the referee's block. ^^
Site of the Nike by Paeonius ^^

After we checked out the archaelogical site we headed over to the attached museum.

Nike ^^
My first authentic Greek salad
I think I had something like 6 Greek salads while I was there. So good! There is no comparison, that I have yet found, here in the states.

We left Olympia and headed to Delphi for the night.
The view from our hotel ^^

The little town of Delphi basically has the freaking best view!

Our hotel ^^ and below

Dinner that night was the best chicken soup I have ever had. I wish I could have it canned and sent to the U.S.
with sliced apples and honey. yum!
and I finally had a glass of wine.

stay tuned for Part 7...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And then we went to the cabin and adventured out to Yosemite

We headed out of Fremont late last Friday night for the cabin with some friends
Anthony found a glove in the garage that doubled as a beer coozie. I felt it was pretty ingenious, myself.

Apples to Apples

This raccoon has a drinking problem

View of Half Dome from above the valley floor

Saige - so cute.

Nicole, Saige and Casey
Alex and Bryan
Robby, Ant, Me, Sam , Schmid, Bryan, Alex, Saige, Casey and Nicole

el map-o
It was kinda cold. But really not considering it's January.

Bridalveil Falls

Robby climbed to the top. It was kinda insane.
You can barely see him in this one ^^

That's right... a real live working Pac Bell phone booth.
White flag!
The Valley Floor

Kinda windy.

This girl knows how to cheese it.

Sam and her bear friend
Lower Yosemite Falls

we climbed out to the rocks. It was so fun! Anthony refused to plank (I tried to get him to do it for Jacqueline)