Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Best Way to do the Fair... to take a thousand pictures first!
My dad found this doll and I'm pretty sure it came home with us. How do these things happen?
Me and Meg
Gramsy Pamsy
My husband-o.

It JUST occurred to me that my Dad ate a plate of Chinese food and then this massive corn dog.
How did no one notice that or say anything about it?
Joe Joe
Aunt Sheri

And the Brittster
and then we stumbled upon the golden cone. The ice cream was AMAZING!

on a side note: I'm thinking about entering something into next year's fair. But I say that every year so...


And it Wasn't Even that HOT this Year!

As usual, we spent 4th of July with the Hunter Family in Redding CALIFORNIA
Never leave the house with Pure Mountain Spring Water ala Lake Shasta

We spent Saturday at the lake

Ant, Aunt Donna, Jacqueline, Renee, Mary
Ant and I
Maybe we found a pink doo rag at the 99 cents store - maybe we didn't .
Maybe we posed a few times with it - maybe we didn't.

On Sunday us, the Rogersons and the Willis' (aka Hilary & Jason, Natalie & Jared) drove up to Burney Falls State Park.

And all I have to say about that drive is "Hansel, so hot right now, Hansel"

Ant, Me, Natalie + Jared
Burney Falls BABY!

My Nature Man!
Can't you tell that he just KNOWS nature?!
Joe and Ant

The picture taking got a little out of control... as usual

The Camello Fam

Just me and my friend here at the bottom of the falls

Joe, Mary and I decided to delve a little further into waterfall territory
and we found a snake!!!!!!!! And we ran. Fast.

I was peer pressured into dunking my head in the waterfall

It was worth it, though.
We drove home and got ready for the fireworks that night
But first, Hilary put on a fairy show in her wedding dress

It was great!
Then we walked down to the fireworks!
Sarah looked so cute in her 4th of July dress

Natalie was my twinsie!
And apparently my head loves her boob! We have a special connection

Boys make weird faces
Little Max! and Uncle Calvin... I may have a crush on Max. Just maybe.
Sarah was totally rock star all night

Sarah, Me, Anthony, Jacqueline, Jared, Natalie, Sam, Jason, Hilary
And I don't know about you guys but I think Sam and Anthony are practically twins
You can deny it, but I have more photos to prove it!
Ellie and I had some fun with glowsticks!
And of the 2 billion pictures I took of the fireworks I got a few OK ones:

Always a good time!
Thanks Hunter Clan!