Friday, May 29, 2009

Tooth Stealer

Dear Tooth Fairy -

There was a time when I really enjoyed our visits together. You'd gently place money under my pillow as I slept soundly waiting for morning so I could parade around the house bragging to all of my fortune.

Couldn't you have remembered the good times before you went ahead and stole the last remnants of Anthony's cracked molar last night?

You know - I think we need have a talk.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coincidence... I THINK SO

I posted an ad on Craigslist for some FREE
Paint thinner to clean off Anthony's paint brushes
which are beyond repair.

I got all these offers. Turns out... the lady who wants to
"dump some in a can" for us lives three houses down.

Weird. But awesome! Very awesome.

♥ Kels ♥

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GROW in a Paint Can

I've had this empty paint can for about five months now - just sitting around - mostly storing random junk I didn't have places for.

Last night I felt the urge to get Anthony's paints out and make something out of it.
I had him make me a stencil that said "GROW" and I cut out a HEART stencil and then I proceeded to paint my own little heart out.

He says it looks nice because it's not perfect. Oh GIVE ME A BREAK.

It is beautiful and I am planning on hooking it onto our deck with a light blue hook and planting some flowers inside.

♥ Kels ♥

Pee Throwing is Not a Game

Fact: The word "raccoon" is derived from the
Algonquian word 'aroughcoune', which means
"he who scratches with his hands."

Dear Anthony,

I am deeply sorry for your unfortunate run-ins with the masked Zorros of their kind - THE RACCOONS - each morning. Your idea for throwing urine in their faces when attacked does not sound as promising as you might think. Good luck tomorrow.

Love, Kels ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There is this website I discovered today called HAPPY SANTA CRUZ
It is basically a copy of Twitter but people are supposed to answer the question
"Why does Santa Cruz make you happy?" in 140 characters or less.

It's a pretty neat site and has only been around for about a month as far as I can tell.
It was featured in the Sentinel today (our local newspaper) so I'm thinking it's going to gain popularity as time goes on.

Here are a few of my favorite answers so far:

- Because I live here, work here, met my wife here, raise my children here. - Donaven
- Mountains, trees, beaches & farmers markets. Just far enough away from the rest of the world but just close enough, too. - Anonymous
- SC feels like a small town but there is so much diversity w/wonderful, smart & talented people! - SC Concierge
- When you live in Santa Cruz, you are never sad when your vacation is over. - Andrea
- Because this is where I belong - Anonymous
- Fog in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon - Ms. Gilligan

What do you love about your hometown?


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first haircut

Well - not mine exactly.
Last night Mr. Picky finally consented to let me cut his hair
I told him it is of no use spending $20 on a man's haircut when
he has a woman at home to do it for him
(I didn't use that exact phrasing, of course)
It was quite an adventure

I was given a diagram

and he felt the occasion warranted "barbershop like mirrors"
Doing the touch-ups
so adorable

Don't mind all the disgusting hair all over the place


Theme Thursday: VACATION

Link back to Theme Thursday HERE

Vacation. I used to think of a vacation as any sort of resting period where you really didn't have any obligations. Now that I live in this vacation-esque town I sometimes feel like I'm on vacation all the time. I don't know anyone or do much of anything besides work and go to school so obligations run pretty low as well. I know - you must feel so sorry for me. hehehe.

Lately though, vacations seem more like travels. Places you want to see or be a part of in some way. Vacation could even mean going to a place you've been two times or even a hundred times before - but you still enjoy visiting.

Here is a shorthand list of some of my upcoming (at some point in my life) vacations:


Chartes Cathedral


The Grand Canyon
Washington D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial
I'd like to visit each state in the U.S. and spend a good amount of time visiting places of Colonial interest and Civil War interest.
And go back to Pearl Harbor. And see the Vietnam Memorial.

and of course...

Hearst Castle - I'd like to see it a bit closer up than this:

Ok... This list could go on and on but I have to make lunch.
Good day,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Night BBQ

So we've had this hamburger in the freezer for about a month now. And we bought buns at the $1 Store - yes I said $1 Store - they were just as tasy as $2.00 buns from the regular store. Anyhoo... and we had some pepper jack and some bacon and some lettuce so.. we decided tonight should be a burger night.

I also saw this recipe in one of my families' magazines (all good families have magazines sitting around somewhere for babysitters to read and steal ideas from) for corn with feta cheese and walnuts. I didn't have any feta but we always have blue cheese.

Needless to say.. it was a good dinner.

Me cookin' in one of my favorite aprons :) - made by Raynista!
Mr. I don't need shoes to BBQ
We are messy burger makers
and we have yet to put a kitchen table in here.
Oooh baby!
We decided it's much more satisfying to eat at home than to buy this burger for $7.00 at a restaurant.

He had to make roasted marshmallows. I did not partake.
Ignore the glasses - I can't find mine.

Happy Spring BBQing.


IF A spoon rest COULD FIND ME THAT WOULD BE great...

Tonight I made enough of my mom's spaghetti sauce to freeze for a whole bunch of later dinners. We love spaghetti but I like to have homemade sauce and it needs to simmer for a good two hours for all the flavors to mix so... I decided to make a big batch to freeze for future use since the meat was already out and thawed.

Here I was - mid sauce making when I realized that this stuff is messy and I have nowhere for my spoon to take a breather. I hate to get out a paper towel every time I need to rest a spoon so I went spoon rest hunting... on Etsy.

Feel free to make one. buy one. create one.
Just be sure to get my address before you send it :)


Seuss' Secret Art

Pretty much every parent loves Dr. Seuss. Okay not every parent. But - as a babysitter they have always been my favorite books to read to kids. They are the sort of books you get to sing/read and that always makes babysitting more fun, right?

Anyway... everyone recognizes these sort of Seuss illustrations:

But do you recognize these?

One of the ladies I babysit for has these humongous framed prints of Seuss Secret Art in her son's room. They cost thousands of dollars and triple in price (just like anything else) when they sell out. She also has this book of all of his secret art. I found it fascinating. Artist's always astound me with their personal lives.

Many people know that Dr. Seuss was very political - but did you know that he hated kids?

Anyway. I personally think his secret art is very exciting and has comfortable ties with his commercially available art which makes it a lot easier to transition into viewing.

To see more of his hidden art go to his website here


New Quote


Monday, May 18, 2009

Boardwalk Day!

Yesterday we came home from Fremont and decided to go down to the Boardwalk for the day. Ant had no work so of course it made sense to make him spend MORE time there. The whole time he kept telling me about secret passageways and underground warehouses. SO COOL!

We went on the carousel and I still have yet to make a ring into the clown's mouth. Someday, someday..

We spent some time with Mary (Ant's sister) and Katie and Frankie (Ant's cousin and her boyfriend) and saw the free Circus show which is playing all summer.

The pictures aren't very exciting - but we're here indefinitely. so....

The beach was PACKED of course.
and so was the Boardwalk
We went on the Sky Gliders
I love these random people. We decided they came from the Dinosaur Train ride.
We will step on you!
We just happened to go on the 85th anniversary of the Giant Dipper - to the day. How weird, right? And no one was on it! Hmph!
Ant said I had a better background than him hehe
and this morning Anthony apparently took photos of Axel sleeping with me
when he gets out of bed Axel jumps right in. IT IS HILARIOUS
OH YEAH! And Mary took a photo with the clown guy from Cirque de Maqnifique. They were so cool.

Have a nice Monday,