Thursday, May 31, 2012

tid + bits (catching up)

Sorry for the nonexistent tid + bits post last week.
School is out for me until this coming Monday so I'm trying to avoid spending my time off on the computer.
Here are a couple weeks of life via Instagram (@KCamello)

 My little Toby-lerone
 Studying for my final
 Il Farolito
 Crypt Keeper at SubMission 1
 Crypt Keeper at SubMission 2
Crypt Keeper at SubMission 3
 Crypt Keeper at SubMission 4
Anton 2 
 Silly Angie
 In the car
 Peanut Butta
 Planning the road trip
 waiting for my final to start
 End of Spring Semester margarita!!!
 Sleepy house
 These two love each other
 Going here!!
 Angie girl
 New CD
 Coffee Coffee Coffee
 Gross. Mayonaise.
 Sweet and Sour soup
 Kung Pao Chicken
 yup ^^
 BART to Berkeley
 Crypt Keeper at Thee Parkside SF 1
 Zombie Holocaust (I really liked them)
 Zombie Holocaust 2
 Big fat cat
 best friends
 Crypt Keeper at Thee Parkside SF 2
 Famous Star
 Angie girl
 In n Out
 Icing on the Cake, Los Gatos.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Town Sacramento / Congrats Michelle!!

On our way to Sacramento last Saturday for Michelle's graduation from Sac State. ^^^
We decided to spend the morning visiting Old Town soaking up some history!!!
I have to apologize for so many Instagram photos lately. I haven't been using my camera very much.
our highways are beautiful!!

a little breakfast...

Mosaic by the editor of "The Sacramento Bee"
Reconstructed outdoor facade of "The Bee"
Tiny print shop press. Anthony thought Joey would really appreciate their huge display.
Skateboarder turned history buff??! ^^^ nah...
Wagon wheels
Learning about canning was pretty cool!

Huge tractor wheel
more wheels
more canning
yeah!! ^^
Anthony's peeking inside a tiny replica covered wagon

Always gotta have a little Abe action, right?
and this is when I decided to start a petition for dogs on state park trails. That's my first task when I graduate!

I really am trying to finish this book
Auburn skate park ^^
This guy... ^^^