Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ed R. Levin Park, Milpitas - HIKING

This past Sunday my friend Andie and I went on a little hike at Ed R. Levin Park in Milpitas. We plan on returing at some point for Monument Peak and also to BBQ. This place is seriously beautiful and HUGE! If any of you find yourselves bored in Milpitas I encourage you to check the park out. $6 entry per car.

All photos stolen from Andie, except maybe 3. Thanks Andie!!

Hiking totals 2013 (in miles):
Alameda Creek - 4
Alameda Creek - 1.5
Diamondhead National Monument - 3.6
Ed R. Levin Park - 3.3


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaii in Winter: via iPhone

These are all the phone photos from the trip - nothing too exciting, but I wanted to include them.
Taking the bus from the airport to our hotel

The sunset photo that my friend Alex requested

Waikiki beach!

Robby proving his sober abilities to the people back home.

Climbing Diamondhead.

Bomb bloody marys at RumFire

Sitting out on the beach.

Our sleeping quarters.
More beach time.

The Capitol building.

Spitting Caves adventure day.

We accidentally stumbled upon Dog the Bounty Hunter's house.

Messing around in the ABC store.

Spooning leads to forking, you know.

Happy Birthday Anthony! (Free drink from a bar patron)
Last walk around Waikiki before leaving Hawaii.
Waiting for the bus to the airport.


Hawaii in Winter: Day 5

On our last full, non- travel day in Hawaii we flew by the seat of our pants. Well, Robby's pants. I was a total grump the entire morning because Robby was dead set on finding some cliff to jump off of. I just wanted to spend my last day in Hawaii doing NOTHING. As you can see (if you've been reading all of these Hawaii posts) we did something pretty big each day of our trip. I was planning on spending my last day on the beach, soaking up the sun. Anyway, we went with Robby because it was Anthony's 24th birthday and my whining was getting me nowhere, and also because they went to the Iolani Palace with me so.. it seemed fair.

We again bussed and walked our way around Oahu. We got to the spitting caves and found a ton of plackards for people who had died jumping there. We walked along the cliff for awhile until we found the area called "China Walls". A bunch of people were tanning and jumping off the cliff, so Robby jumped a whole bunch of times. It was pretty awesome. If I was more brave I would have done it, but I'm not. Simple as that.

We had lunch at Lulu's (second time on the trip) and went out for the evening to spend Anthony's 24th birthday shopping for people back home and enjoying our last night on Oahu. It was a good day and a great trip! I'd make it an annual thing if I could... but there are just too many places in this world to see. Don't you think?